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Spring 22 Newsletter

Wednesday, May 4th, 2022

During the Spring term at Privett Montessori, the children covered a variety of different subjects and greatly enjoyed learning the names of many Arctic animals at circle time. For our subject ‘The Artic’, one of the children’s favourite activities was looking at photographs of Arctic animals and sharing which one was their favourite. Two of the animals which were popular among children were the polar bears and the walruses. In the book area we read lots of books about the Arctic, with some of them being information books and others fictional stories. We also learned a song called “The Frost is in the air” which the children loved singing.

In the craft area, the children painted some snow pictures, and then created some polar bear collages. The children also practiced their cutting skills by snipping and crafting what turned out to be very some very beautiful snowflakes. Outside, we were extremely lucky as the weather matched our theme so we left bowls of water outside overnight. The next day, the children were very delighted to go out into the garden and find that the water they had left out had turned into ice! They then had even more fun breaking the ice into pieces. In the classroom we made our own Arctic play area with snow, ice water and Arctic animals and even found some lost cars in the ice. We also as it was so cold, fed the birds outside and gave them bird seed.

For our cooking activity, the children learned how to make fresh orange juice, which they enjoyed squeezing to extract the juice. We then drank the orange juice with our fruit at snack time.


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