Autumn Term 2006

Tuesday, October 24th, 2006

Another term is beginning and the New Year allows us the opportunity to look back to the Autumn when we asked parents to help us create our own museum. Many of the children brought something old for us to talk about and display in School. The items were extremely varied. We had a dial telephone, a Roman lamp, coins, sheep shears and numerous other articles. They all provoked lots of interesting discussion and speculation about the past.

Later in the term, we were pleased to welcome Alison Wilson from Farnham Museum who brought an array of articles with her. These included an apple peeler operated by turning a handle, (very useful for all those crumbles and pies!) some huge sugar cutters (they looked quite frightening) and a Bottle-Jack, which turned the meat as it cooked over an open fire.

The children held and explored all the items from Farnham Museum for themselves. Alison cleverly linked some of them to traditional Nursery rhymes such as “Sing a song of sixpence” “Little Jack Horner” and “Little Miss Muffet” which the children enjoyed singing. We also borrowed some Victorian baby clothes and one of the mothers volunteered her baby to model them.

Outside, we planted daffodil bulbs, which will grow into a maze designed by one of the mothers. We dug up our carrots (the ones the rabbits had left for us!) and ate them at break time. They were very good – no wonder rabbits like them! We also planted some wallflowers and pansies in pots for some winter colour.

The children each gave their parents a small pot of crocuses that they had planted for Christmas. Christina brought her bubble machine to School and the children had great fun chasing the bubbles around the garden.

Inside, the children enjoyed exploring different effects that can be achieved with paint. We did some wet paper painting and watched in amazement as red, blue and yellow paint ran and blended creating so many more colours. We printed with string covered in paint and blew paint across paper with straws. Our prints taken from bubbles made by blowing into a mixture of paint and washing up liquid were very interesting! My favourite were the pictures the children made of bonfires and fireworks. They used a toothbrush to paint the fire and matchsticks to paint the fire works.

One morning we made pumpkin soup. All the children helped to peel, cut and chop up the ingredients and we all tried a little soup at break time. On another occasion, they learnt to knead and each made a bread roll to take home for lunch. We borrowed Maggie’s bread machine and made a loaf, which we cut up and the children each spread a slice with butter to eat with their milk.

At the end of the term, we were delighted to have another visit from Mike O’Leary, who joined us for our Christmas party and entertained us with some of his very unusual stories and music. We invited parents to join us for his telling of the Nativity and were also treated to a tale about King Arthur who apparently “never took his socks or shoes off!”

Parents also joined us on the last day of term for mince pies and carol singing. We were all impressed with the enthusiasm and confidence of all our young children, many of whom delighted us with their solo performances.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our parents for the help and support they have given us during the year for all our work and activities. May we wish everyone a very Happy and Successful 2007.

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