Autumn Term 2007 Newsletter

Monday, December 24th, 2007

In the Autumn we planted 500 daffodil bulbs to complete our maze which we started last Autumn. It should look quite spectacular in the spring. We also applied to the Woodland Trust for some saplings. Fortunately for us, local man John, who used to work for the Forestry was able to identify them for us as walnut, silver birch and rowan. We planted 4 in our garden at School and John very kindly potted the others up for the children to take home and plant in their own gardens.

We planned our own Big Coffee Morning for Macmillan and spent a couple of mornings baking flapjack and buns. Parents also brought in homemade cakes for a cake sale and together with the donations for their coffee and a cake, we raised nearly £200.00.

We based our project for the term on the stories about Alfie and Annie Rose by Shirley Hughes. The children particularly enjoyed the story about Alfie and his new welly boots which he wears on the wrong feet until he realises why they feel strange. The children now ask, “Have I got Alfie feet?” to check whether their boots or shoes are on the right feet! We also really liked the one about Alfie’s shop and the children decided to make their own shop outside just like Alfie. They gathered conkers, stones, leaves and other natural objects to sell as potatoes, sweets and so on. We picked the lavender from our garden and some of the children were able to sew lavender bags to give to their mothers.

In November, we told the story of the “Gunpowder plot” and made bonfire pictures from red, orange and yellow cellophane and sticks. We pressed colourful Autumn leaves and using china bowls as moulds, the children made beautiful leaf bowls.

Each child has been involved in making a book about themselves, taking pages to complete at home with their parents help and bringing them back to School to share at circle time. We asked the children about their favourite things and were delighted and a little surprised when some of them said their favourite place is School! Some of the children did some wonderful drawings to go in their books.

In December we had a Christmas Party for all the children and on the last day of term they performed “Whoops a daisy angel” which is a lovely nativity story with some very catchy songs. The children acted and sang beautifully and many of the adults watching were moved to tears and laughter.

This year we are planning a project based on Space and looking forward to learning about our solar system. I wonder whether there is anyone who lives locally who might be able to come into School and do a talk for us?

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