Autumn Term Newsletter 2011

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

It is the last day of 2011 and as I write this report on the Autumn term, September feels like a long time ago although the months just flew by. During the term the children enjoyed learning and reciting some traditional nursery rhymes and songs. In December they were still asking for their favourites, Humpty Dumpty and Little Miss Muffet.

Privett Nnursery Autumn 2011In art the children practised printing using variety of different objects to experiment with and discover the different effects they could produce. We practised building walls for Humpty to sit on, using wooden blocks and then decided to try printing walls onto paper using small blocks dipped in paint. The children assembled Humpties using paper shapes for his body and pipe cleaners for legs and arms. We made spiders too, using pompoms, wiggly eyes and pipe cleaners.

Privett Nnursery Autumn 2011We enjoyed several cooking mornings when the children made apple crumble, bread rolls, gingerbread men and halloween cakes. They had the opportunity to measure, weigh and mix ingredients using their fingers, an electric whisk and scales.

We continue to attend relevant childcare courses to update and refresh our qualifications. Maggie and Kate both attended the new level 3 Safeguarding training and Maggie updated her First Aid qualification. Maggie also went to the Montessori Centre in London to attend a day’s workshop led by Chris Manville. Christina continues to mentor and support students who are working towards their level 2 and level 3 childcare qualifications. She currently has 10 students and visits them in their settings.

Privett Nnursery Autumn 2011At the end of November our development support officer visited us to help us discuss, evaluate and reflect upon our provision. The responses we had received from parents to the questionnaire we had sent out prior to this helped to inform our discussion and we are responding to the various suggestions made by parents including holding more frequent consultations and offering more childcare hours in the afternoons

Privett Nnursery Autumn 2011In December we participated in the West Meon Christmas Tree Festival and one morning several of the children’s mothers came into nursery to spend the morning with the children making Christmas tree decorations. We are very grateful to Claire for organising the morning and for her inspired choices of decorations. We are also enormously grateful to all the mothers who came and helped to make the morning such fun and so productive. Jane and Stacy took the tree to the church and decorated it there. The result was very very special and perfectly captured the spirit of the nursery and its children; bright and shiny with a hint of mischievious innocence suggested by its forward tilt!

Privett Nnursery Autumn 2011On the last morning of the term, Ben and Moira from the Treehouse Theatre company came to the nursery and within a few minutes had the children engaged in singing and games. This was followed by a special adaptation of the Elves and the Shoemaker in which the children took part while parents other relatives and friends watched. Afterwards, we enjoyed a festive celebration with mince pies and mulled wine before wishing everyone goodbye and a Very Merry Christmas.

We hope that the mild weather will continue when we return in the New Year and we look forward to welcoming some new children and their parents to the nursery.

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