Spring Term 2013 Newsletter

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

It has been unrelentingly cold since the beginning of term and we, like the rest of the country, have coped with our share of snow, ice and rain! Heavy snowfall on 18th January prevented us from opening school that day but it was business as usual on every other occasion.

Red Nose Day BreakfastWe celebrated Red Nose Day with a breakfast and pyjama party and raised £188.10 for Comic Relief. The children (and a few of the adults) all entered fully into the spirit, arriving in a fine array of pyjamas, onesies and dressing gowns. We breakfasted on croissants, brioche and hot chocolate – delicious!

For Mother’s Day the children drew portraits of their Mums and told us all sorts of interesting things about them. It would be fun to put the pictures and text in a gallery and to invite Mums to come and identify themselves – maybe next year?

Froxfield and Privett Horticultural Spring ShowAt the end of March, we participated in the Froxfield and Privett Horticultural Spring Show. We used a poem “The Colour of Easter” to inspire our children to produce watercolour paintings. The results were very springlike (unlike the weather) and added some welcome colour to our walls! The children also made an Easter Garden in response to listening to the story of Easter.

Spring is nearly here!We continue to update our knowledge and qualifications: Maggie attended a SENCO support group in Alton that looked at Social, Communication and language problems thatr some children have. Christina achieved her level 3 in Safeguarding and Kate attended a Lead Practitioner Safeguarding Support Group Meeting. Megan was in in Uganda for a month and spent some of her time working in a Nursery School there. She is keen to share her pictures and a video she made of the Ugandan children with us. She would also like to send some pictures of our Nursery to Uganda. It might be interesting to set up a link with the Nursery? While Megan was away, George asked us several times whether she had seen any animals… Well George, Megan will be able to answer that when she shows us her pictures next term!Music Sessions at Privett Montessori

Roessa continues to teach Yoga on Thursday mornings and the children are enjoying learning new poses and practising familiar ones in cleverly devised stories and games. Our Music sessions with Annaliese on Monday mornings continue to develop the children’s understanding of rhythm and pitch. Recently they have been composing, individually and in small groups and have begun to explore how sound can be changed.

We look forward to the Summer Term and some warmer weather and hope to see as many of you as possible at the forthcoming Auction in Privett Church on Saturday 11th May!

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