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Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

It was another busy term for us all at Privett and the weeks flew past far too quickly! We began our project work with the story of St George saving the princess from the dragon. We then began to find out about why castles were built, who lived in them and some common features. At the beginning of May we visited Southsea castle, which gave the children an opportunity to see for themselves some of the things we had talked about, for example position, moats, drawbridges and their mechanisms, narrow windows and thick walls. The children enjoyed climbing around the battlements, walking through the tunnels and peering into the well. They also enjoyed dressing up in costume and some of them even tried out the stocks!

Making ThingsAfter a picnic on Southsea common we walked along the seafront to the Bluereef Aquarium. Squeals of delight and excited chatter filled the entire building throughout our visit. We went to a short talk about some of the sea creatures in the aquarium and were allowed to touch a starfish and a couple of crabs. It was a good introduction to the next part of our project work in Nursery when we learned about the life and habits of seahorses, starfish, crabs, jellyfish and octopuses. The children were fascinated to learn that a starfish can grow replacement arms – “That’s amazing!” said Genevieve, “we can’t do that!” We made lovely pictures of octopuses using our hands and fingers and we used shells, pipecleaners and card to make crabs and jellyfish. These will be on display at the Froxfield and Privett Horticultural Summer Show in Froxfield Village Hall on Saturday 17th August from 2.00pm. We didn’t forget Father’s Day either – the children made gingerbread sea creatures and some Dads even got to eat theirs!

Paddling PoolThe Auction in May, organised by the Village Hall committee in aid of building work to the hall, raised over £8000.00 and we are immensely grateful to all those involved, particularly to Jonathan (Esme and Rafferty’s father) for his guidance and expertise freely given to the organisers not to mention his tireless enthusiasm and determination to auction off every last item on the day. Over the summer break the hall roof will be replaced, the walls insulated and a new heating system installed. This should mean that we are a lot more comfortable, especially during the winter! At the end of May, we went for a walk to nearby woods belonging to local farmer, John, to see the bluebells. They were beautiful and when we returned to Nursery many of the children were inspired to produce some lovely paintings of bluebells. We were given some tadpoles for the children to observe the process of metamorphosis. There was a lot of excitement and some doubt that these were really “baby frogs”. We talked to the children about the changes they would see happening over the coming weeks, looked at pictures and explained the life-cycle using models. Then we waited. We were still waiting several weeks later! Not a single leg was to be seen, let alone a frog!

Climbing ObstaclesOur annual Games Day in June was very popular with the children who had been practising their races and became increasingly excited as the day approached. They enjoyed competing in the obstacle course, egg and spoon, sack, balance bike, spacehopper races and sprint. Afterwards we enjoyed a picnic at our leisure without the threat of rain this year.

PrincessIn July we celebrated the end of another school year when the Treehouse theatre returned for a party and show. Very appropriately the story was about dragons, princesses and knights. This story was rather different to the one about St George, but it involved lots of princesses and knights and our children enjoyed participating in the story of a dragon who had lost her baby and the knights and princesses who helped find it.

We said goodbye to 17 children who have gone on to their new schools and look forward to hearing how they get on and to welcoming our new children and parents in September. Term starts on Monday 9th September, which is a little later than usual because of the building work.

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