Spring Term 2008 Newsletter S

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

This term we have been learning about our Solar System. The children have gained knowledge and understanding of this fascinating subject in a variety of ways, including music and movement, role-play, art and craft, practical demonstrations, non-fiction and fiction books.

One morning Flora’s mother brought in a telescope for us to examine and many of the children talked about telescopes and binoculars they use at home to look at things far away. Flora had also visited the Kennedy Space Centre and brought in many interesting articles to show us. We all tasted freeze-dried ice-cream and felt a little sorry for astronauts who have to live off freeze-dried food whilst in space. We also looked at photographs of the planets we were learning about.

When we talked about extinct volcanoes on some of the planets, the children wanted to know more. So, we made our own volcano from clay, put a mixture of bicarbonate of soda, vinegar and washing up liquid inside and waited seconds for a very impressive eruption and lava flow.

The children recycled bits and pieces brought in from home to each make their own rockets. Just before half term we put all the rockets on display and the children very proudly showed and described their models to parents and each other. Denis’s father came and helped us make balloon rockets and it was very exciting launching them to the hall rafters where we had placed a picture of the moon. We also watched a film of a real rocket launch.

The little pots of daffodils which were planted in the Autumn and carefully nurtured over winter all bloomed in time for the Marie Curie Daffodil week and the children decorated their pots beautifully using marbling ink. We are very grateful to the parents and friends who donated so generously to this worthy cause raising over £200. Outside, our daffodil maze is looking good and the children enjoy weaving carefully in out amongst the flowers.

We celebrated World Book Day by inviting parents to come and read to the children. This year, we were very fortunate to have a story read in Polish. We also re-enacted the story of Peter and the Wolf. The children made masks for the characters and we listened to the wonderful music written for the story and told by Sir John Gielgud.

Next term we have a couple more planets to talk about and we hope to have a visit and talk by someone from The Observatory in Clanfield. We shall also be going for a walk through the Toomer’s beautiful bluebell wood and are keeping our fingers crossed for another sunny morning!

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