Summer Term 2006

Sunday, September 24th, 2006

Our project for the Summer Term was all about growth. The children watched with great excitement as tiny tadpoles emerged from frogspawn. It was fascinating for us to see how first they grow back legs, followed by front legs and how their tails are gradually absorbed. Finally, we saw how the tiny froglets were able to climb onto the stones we had placed in their tank and use their newly grown lungs to breath before hopping back into the water. It was a visual and extremely affective way for the children to learn about the remarkable process of metamorphosis.

We planted bean seeds in pots and over the course of a week or two we dug them up one by one to show the children what was happening out of sight beneath the soil. It was remarkable how quickly the seeds swelled and the roots began to grow. We noted each stage as it occurred. Then each child grew a sunflower and observed the growth above soil. They learnt to care for their own seedling, watering it and keeping it in the light. Finally, they took their seedling home as a gift for Father’s Day!

We planted potatoes in our garden and during the last week of the term, we all went outside to dig them up. The children were so excited when they found the new potatoes that it felt as though we were digging for treasure. We cooked them with fresh mint and ate them (the potatoes, not the children) with butter. Delicious!

One fine morning, at the beginning of May, we walked down the lane to visit Hoplands Quiet Garden in Privett and we were fascinated to see the different habitats and nesting places for hedgehogs, dormice and birds. Later in the month, we hired a coach to go to The Hawk Conservancy near Andover. The children enjoyed watching the vultures having their lunch and despite the rain, it was thrilling to see the birds flying. Some of the birds flew so low we were obliged to duck down. We were very impressed to see Madeleine the Secretary Bird demonstrate how she could kill a snake (a pretend one!) by stamping on it.

Despite heavy rain in June the day before our Sports Day, we were able to have a family picnic in the garden followed by races and games. The children participated enthusiastically and at the end they particularly enjoyed running under a parachute held by parents.At the end of the Summer Term, we inevitably have to say goodbye to some parents and their children who are due to start school. It always makes us feel very sad. However, we do enjoy hearing how the children are getting on and we are always delighted to see them again when they choose to visit or spend a morning with us when the schools have an INSET Day.

It has been a very busy year; with lovely project work, numerous visits and visitors, music, French, drama sessions and wonderful artwork. Our garden is a delight and next term we are looking forward to growing some winter vegetables as well as enjoying the various winter flowering plants. We are also looking forward to welcoming our new children and a new member of staff to the School in September.

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