Summer Term 2007

Monday, September 24th, 2007

As I said at the end of the spring Term Newsletter, the Bluebell Season was very early, however we did manage a visit to Mr and Mrs Toomer’s Bluebell woods in Froxfield. It was a beautiful sunny morning and all the children, accompanied by parents enjoyed a walk through the fields to the Bluebell Woods. It was a magical experience watching the children scampering along the little paths surrounded by a sea of blue. In the middle of the wood, Mrs Toomer had created a “pixie circle” where the children sat and sang our bluebell song. Back at School the children painted pictures of bluebells, which we displayed in a “Bluebell Gallery”.

During the fine weather, the children were able to work outside and they each made a little wooden sailing boat, which they carefully sanded down and painted. This boat making was inspired by the book “The Journey” by Scott Mann and Neil Griffiths – a story about the journey made by a small boat when it is lost by a child. The book also led children to want to find out about floating and sinking. We gave them a tank of water and different materials and left them to experiment. They discovered that plasticine sinks but if made into a boat shape, it floats!

We are very grateful to one of our past parents who gave us strawberry plants – enough for every child to have one. This gave us the idea of holding a plant sale in aid of the Froxfield church Bells Restoration fund. So, one morning Evie’s Mum came into school to help us plant lots of seeds. During the weeks before the sale, we carefully nurtured our seedlings and practised “selling”! On the morning of the sale, the children set out the plants and prepared to sell. They succeeded in selling everything and raised over £40.00. We were delighted and very proud – especially of one child who also offered free advice on how to care for the plants he was selling!

In May, we held another of our very popular “Open Evenings” for current and prospective parents. Parents were able to find out about the Montessori Philosophy and use many of the wonderful materials for themselves. Several parents also enjoyed silk painting – a surprisingly simple activity with the added bonus of producing beautiful results every time. Our next Open Evening will be during the Autumn Term. We are very grateful to all the Mums who helped with and attended our Wednesday afternoon Mother and Toddler group. It was good to see our School facilities being enjoyed by smaller children and their Mums.

Ben’s mum came into school and under her guidance, and during a morning of organised chaos, we created the most wonderful “Under the Sea” mural. We had planned to display the mural outside on the side of the Village Hall but decided against this due to the rain! It now adorns the back wall of the hall where all can enjoy it!

Our Games Day at the end of June was great fun and as in previous years, we were very lucky with the weather. The children all participated in races and parachute games and we all enjoyed a picnic lunch in the garden. We also borrowed a bouncy castle and a bubble machine!

A “Bug Hunt” in July proved to be another very popular activity. Each child went off outside with a jar and within a few minutes, we were inundated with spiders, woodlice, worms, ants, beetles, slugs and snails. The children were tireless and would have continued hunting all morning if we hadn’t distracted them with strawberries for break! After a drink and a snack the children began to observe and draw their mini-beasts. We counted legs, found out that black beetles can nip (ouch!) and that woodlice smell horrible!

We ended the Summer Term and School year by inviting parents to come, hear the children singing some of their favourite songs, and “launch” their boats. While parents enjoyed a glass of Pimms the children sang and then carefully placed their boats in the water.

So we wish another group of children “Bon Voyage” as they leave us ready to begin their new schools. Meanwhile we look forward to September when we shall welcome a new intake of children and a new School Year.

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