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Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

This summer term must have been the wettest in at least 9 years! Days when the children did not need to put on welly boots and rain coats were few and far between. However, despite the rain, we still managed to have a full itinerary of events.

Jubilee Tea partyAt the end of May we had our own Jubilee Tea party and games. The children looked very regal in the crowns they had made especially for the event and behaved impeccably. We were extremely fortunate to have the use of Julia’s (Julia is an ex nursery parent and now a village hall committee member) beautiful marquee, which had been erected outside ready for her party at the weekend. We decorated it with Jubilee bunting and balloons and invited Roy Magic, who had done a party for Esme and Rafferty, to come and do a show for us. The children loved it and remained transfixed throughout.

Alresford Fire StationIn June, we visited Alresford Fire Station where we were met by George’s Dad, Firefighter Rob. The children listened to a short talk on fire safety and the role of fire fighters before we went outside into the yard to see a fire engine and some of the fire fighting equipment. The children each had the opportunity to use a hose. The force of the water and weight of the hose meant that they did not have the strength to hold a hose without an adult but they thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The children and one or two parents tried on hats, clambered into a fire engine, listened to the siren and saw the flashing lights. It was a very interesting and enjoyable morning and one that I am sure the children and adults will always remember. The following week when Samuel came in from outside play he carefully unrolled his waterproof trousers over his boots just as he had seen demonstrated at the firestation, so that he would be able to put boots and trousers on again in one! Brilliant!

Planting sunflowersDuring the term, the children grew sunflowers and they were able to see what seeds need in order to germinate when we deprived some seeds of water and some of light. We also measured the rainfall each week, so we have it on record that there was only 1 week without rain! We looked carefully at Van Gogh’s and Monet’s paintings of sunflowers and decided to make collage pictures of sunflowers for the Froxfield and Privett Horticultural Summer show in August. The children used a variety of techniques and media, including sponging, pulses, tissue paper, raffia, feathers, pva and Pritt.

Parents Open EveningIn July we held an Open Evening for parents to come and use some of the Montessori equipment and find out a little more about what happens in a Montessori Nursery. Many of our current and some of our new parents came. It was lovely to see so many adults exploring, asking questions and enjoying the materials. Perhaps we should do this more often?

We had to postpone our Games morning twice but finally in July, we found a window in the weather just long enough to hold the games and have a quick picnic! The children competed in different events including an obstacle course, sprint, balance bike, spacehopper and sack races. They were cheered on enthusiastically by parents and friends. The picnic afterwards was a very British scene as we sat on rugs and mats with our coats on, grimly ignoring the first drops of the on-setting rain!

Privett Montessori 2012At the end of term we said goodbye to 6 of our children who are going to school in September and another who is moving away from the area. We wish them all every success, lots of fun and happiness. We look forward to hearing how they are getting on and to seeing them again on a school Inset day? In September we will be welcoming 13 new children and their parents to the Nursery. This means that we are now full until January 2013 and we cannot thank you, our parents, enough for your support and your recommendations to others.

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