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Choosing the right quality childcare for your child is a crucial decision that impacts their overall development and well-being. Privett Montessori, a quality childcare provider, provides a safe, nurturing environment where children can thrive and reach their full potential. Privett Montessori Nursery School, located at the Privett Village Hall, Fawley Ln, Privett, Alton GU34 3NU stands as a shining example of an institution dedicated to offering exceptional early education and care for the age of 1 to 5 years old.

The main focus is on providing a high level of Quality Childcare

Combining the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework with the Montessori approach offers numerous quality childcare benefits for children’s holistic development, such as:

1. Individualized Learning: The Montessori approach values each child as a unique individual and recognizes their varying needs, interests, and learning styles. By integrating it with the EYFS framework, a quality childcare provider as us tailor their teaching methods and activities to meet the specific requirements of each child, fostering personalized learning experiences and optimizing their progress.

2. Holistic Development: The EYFS framework focuses on promoting the overall development of children across different areas, including physical, cognitive, social, and emotional. By combining it with the Montessori approach, which emphasizes the development of the whole child, children receive a comprehensive and well-rounded education that nurtures their growth in all aspects.

3. Self-Directed Learning: The Montessori approach emphasizes independence and self-directed learning, allowing children to explore their interests at their own pace. By incorporating this aspect into the EYFS framework, children are encouraged to take ownership of their learning journey, promoting a sense of autonomy, self-confidence, and a lifelong love for learning.

4. Play-Based Learning: Both the EYFS framework and the Montessori approach recognize the importance of play in early childhood education. Play serves as a vehicle for children’s exploration, creativity, problem-solving, and social interaction. The combination of these approaches provides a rich play-based learning environment that supports children’s natural curiosity, imagination, and cognitive development.

5. Hands-On Experiences: The Montessori approach places a strong emphasis on hands-on experiences and the use of concrete materials to facilitate learning. By integrating this aspect into the EYFS framework, children are provided with ample opportunities for tactile exploration, sensory development, and the consolidation of abstract concepts. These hands-on experiences foster a deep understanding of concepts and enhance children’s critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

6. Social and Emotional Development: The EYFS framework recognizes the importance of social and emotional development in early childhood. The Montessori approach, with its mixed-age classrooms and emphasis on grace and courtesy, provides an ideal environment for children to develop social skills, empathy, and respect for others. By combining these approaches, children not only build positive relationships but also develop strong emotional intelligence, self-regulation, and conflict resolution skills.

7. Smooth Transition to Primary Education: The EYFS framework serves as a foundation for children’s transition to primary education. By incorporating the Montessori approach, which fosters independence, concentration, and self-discipline, children develop essential skills and qualities that prepare them for the next phase of their educational journey. This smooth transition ensures a seamless progression and facilitates children’s continued success as they move forward in their academic pursuits.

In summary, combining the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework with the Montessori approach in a quality childcare settings, such as Privett Montessori Nursery school, provides a powerful combination that supports children’s holistic development. It enables individualized learning, fosters self-directed exploration, promotes play-based and hands-on experiences, nurtures social and emotional development, and ensures a smooth transition to primary education.

This integration creates an environment where children can thrive, reach their full potential, and develop a strong foundation for lifelong learning.

Privett Montessori Nursery School: A Beacon of Quality Childcare

Privett Montessori Nursery School embodies the principles of quality childcare, offering a nurturing and stimulating environment for young children. With their commitment to the Montessori philosophy, they provide an exceptional early education experience. Let’s explore some of the key features that set Privett Montessori apart:

a) Montessori Method: Privett Montessori Nursery School follows the Montessori approach, which emphasizes hands-on learning, independence, and individualized instruction. This child-centered method fosters a love for learning and encourages children to explore their interests at their own pace.

b) Qualified and Caring Staff: The dedicated team at Privett Montessori consists of experienced educators who are trained in the Montessori philosophy. They provide personalized attention, ensuring each child’s unique quality childcare needs are met.

c) Engaging Curriculum: Privett Montessori Nursery School offers a rich and diverse curriculum that encompasses language development, mathematics, sensorial exploration, cultural studies, and practical life skills. These activities encourage creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities.

d) Safe and Stimulating Environment: The nursery school maintains a secure setting with age-appropriate materials, engaging learning spaces, and outdoor areas that promote exploration and physical development.

e) Parental Involvement: Privett Montessori recognizes the importance of collaboration between parents and educators. We  encourage parental involvement through regular communication, parent-teacher meetings, and workshops, fostering a strong partnership to support each child’s growth.

Testimonials and Accreditations

Privett Montessori Nursery School has received accolades from parents and experts alike. Testimonials from satisfied parents demonstrate the positive impact the nursery school has had on their children’s lives. Furthermore, the school’s accreditations and affiliations with recognized educational organizations provide reassurance of its commitment to maintaining high standards of quality childcare.

Enrollment and Contact Information

If you are interested in enrolling your child at Privett Montessori Nursery School, please contact for an appointment and explore our website further. It has comprehensive information about the school’s philosophy, curriculum, admission process, newsletters, and many independent testimonials.

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