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Spring 22 Newsletter

Wednesday, May 4th, 2022

During the Spring term at Privett Montessori, the children covered a variety of different subjects and greatly enjoyed learning the names of many Arctic animals at circle time. For our subject ‘The Artic’, one of the children’s favourite activities was looking at photographs of Arctic animals and sharing which one was their favourite. Two of the animals which were popular among children were the polar bears and the walruses. In the book area we read lots of books about the Arctic, with some of them being information books and others fictional stories. We also learned a song called “The Frost is in the air” which the children loved singing.

In the craft area, the children painted some snow pictures, and then created some polar bear collages. The children also practiced their cutting skills by snipping and crafting what turned out to be very some very beautiful snowflakes. Outside, we were extremely lucky as the weather matched our theme so we left bowls of water outside overnight. The next day, the children were very delighted to go out into the garden and find that the water they had left out had turned into ice! They then had even more fun breaking the ice into pieces. In the classroom we made our own Arctic play area with snow, ice water and Arctic animals and even found some lost cars in the ice. We also as it was so cold, fed the birds outside and gave them bird seed.

For our cooking activity, the children learned how to make fresh orange juice, which they enjoyed squeezing to extract the juice. We then drank the orange juice with our fruit at snack time.


December 2021 Newsletter

Friday, December 31st, 2021

December 2021 Newsletter

What a year it has been! December has flown by in haze of crafts, books, glitter and Christmas songs. In the last month of the term, we had the children design their own Christmas cards (the theme being baubles) with buttons and string.

We also had a small post box to send letters and cards to Santa and each other which proved to be a very popular and fun activity!

Another project was with Miss Paula who helped the children fold a square piece of paper, cut it and then open it and watch as it magically transformed into a star! The children had a great time decorating them and were in awe of the finished result.

In the craft area the children made some decorations from clay and painted them. We cut lots of snow flakes and these also turned out to be beautiful decorations.

During the last week of term, we baked some Gingerbread men and enjoyed our Christmas party, where we played musical chairs, musical statues and pin the red nose on Rudolf. And as a special little treat the older children sit down and watch a lovely Christmas film with delicious popcorn!

The younger children enjoyed a special Christmas snack consisting of banana and strawberries in the shape of a Christmas stocking. Then Miss Veronica prepared a delicious lunch of small sandwiches, sausage and cucumber kebabs in the shape of a Christmas tree and of course no party is complete without jelly!

Just a reminder that we start back on January 4th 2022.

November 2021 Newsletter

Sunday, December 5th, 2021

November was a fun filled month. We started off by talking about what we did during the half term holiday in circle time. The children energetically described Bonfire Night and all the wonderful fireworks that they had seen. We used the opportunity to also explain the importance of fire safety and separately created multiple firework pictures in the craft area.

The next week we discussed hibernation and we learnt how some animals sleep during the winter. We read a story about a hedgehog called Hodge and how he sleeps through the cold winter and we learnt a song called ‘I’m a little hedgehog’.

During the second half of November, we had a road safety week. We discussed how important it is to listen to a grown up when walking, to use the path and how to cross the road safely.  In the craft area we made a big set of traffic lights which we used outside when riding the bikes and driving the cars.

At the start of the last week of November we enjoyed the snow and in the afternoon we had a very exciting visit to Petersfield Library where Hermoine, the librarian read some stories to the children and then they participated in a hedgehog craft activity. We borrowed some books, which we have been enjoying at circle time and also learnt about Diwali. We even had a special Diwali lunch prepared by one of the parents – a big thank you! The delicious lunch that all of us enjoyed consisted of coconut rice, lentil and aubergine curry and chapatis. Even some treats for the teachers to enjoy at home.  Alongside this the children made some candle holders from clay and some lanterns to take home.

October 2021 Newsletter

Monday, October 25th, 2021

October has been a fun packed month. We started learning about apples and we discussed some language around apples, such as sweet, sour, crunchy, peel and seeds. The helper of the day chopped up lots of apples at snack time and discovered the seeds inside. This led to a discussion about the life cycle of the apple tree. In the book area we also read lots of books about Autumn, Trees and Fruit.

At group time the children told us what fruit they like to eat and if they had any fruit trees in their gardens. We collected a few small apples from the field and used these for some apple printing in the craft area.

We have also been learning about Autumn and the children learn’t a special Autumn song called “Leaves are Falling”. We discussed what changes take place during the Autumn, Miss Veronica told the children about the large courgettes growing in her garden and she bought some in for the children to look at. We decided to use some of the courgette to make a courgette loaf cake and even the children who said “I don’t like courgette” agreed that the cake was delicious!


September 2021 Newsletter

Sunday, October 10th, 2021

September 2021 Newsletter

We started September by welcoming some lovely new faces, both children and staff. We are lucky to be joined by Miss Paula for a few mornings each week. We started off setting everyone back in to the nursery routine and the children shared stories about their summer holidays. We played outside in the garden and also finally were able to use our sandpit. Our stone dove also got lots of love and attention and crates were emptied to comfortably sit in by the younger ones.


July newsletter

Thursday, July 22nd, 2021

Newsletter of July 2021

Well, here we are the end of another fun packed adventurous pre-school year.

We have been very busy learning about a variety of different sports. The children shared with us the sporting activities their families took part in. What a sporty bunch you are! Apparently, some are Footballers, Cricketers, Horse Riders, Runners, Cyclists and some even practice Yoga and Pilates. We discussed why it is important to exercise and eat healthy foods. We read books about sports and talked about sports day and did lots of exercises outside.






The children all worked very hard practising for sports day, and we were eventually blessed with a lovely sunny day. They participated and performed at their very  best, enjoying each moment. After all their hard work, the children sat down with their parents and enjoyed a scrumptious picnic.

For those children moving on to a new school, we had lots of conversations about the schools they are moving on to and the things to look forward to. We also had a few visits from reception teachers and the children enjoyed the ‘transition sessions’ to their future schools.

Finally, we say farewell to those children moving on to primary school, as they start on their next learning adventure. We hope you will have relaxing, safe and fun packed summer holiday with all your friends and family. We would like to give our gratitude for all the lovely presents and cards we have been given for the end of the summer term.

We will open once again for a new school year on Monday 6th September.

June 2021

Sunday, July 4th, 2021

June 2021 News Letter

We started off June learning about people who help us and so, we learnt about a variety of occupations. We, discussed how some people are police officers, doctors, nurses, teachers. The children got very involved and besides explain what their parents did, also friends’ jobs of parents were brought up resulting in fun and humorous responses.

In the craft area, we made police and fire fighter helmets and painted a large box which we turned into a fire engine, complete with ladder and hose!


We, watched a short educational video called, “I can help you”. This taught us, who can help in emergency situations. We also used our library and read a variety of books relating to our topic, which really helped us to better understand.

The dressing up area also gave support; the children dressed up as surgeons, nurses, firefighters and police officers. As we continued learning about people who help us, the children were encouraged to help each other, some of the older children helped their younger friends to put on their shoes or zip up their coats.


Outside, we had lots of fun in the sun with a paddling pool; lots of splashing fun and smiles all around. We also enjoyed our nature walks and picked wildflowers as well as strawberries from our garden

With the Montessori equipment, for those children able to count confidently to 10, we introduced numbers 11-15 using the Seguin Board whilst some children continued using the number rods.


For our fun science topic, we sprouted Alfalfa seeds and hopefully you enjoyed trying them with your child at home. We also decorated a worry jar which they can shake and watch as the glitter settles.


During the last two weeks we learnt about dinosaurs, we learnt many dinosaur names, we learnt how some dinosaurs were carnivores and some were herbivores. The children designed their own dinosaurs from clay. In the play tray we had a variety of dinosaurs for imaginative small world play.

We, read lots of books about dinosaurs and learnt a song about dinosaurs called The Dinosaur Stomp.

For those children moving on to school, they practiced getting changed for PE, finding their own PE bag and putting on their shorts and t-shirts, then the tricky part …….remembering where they left their clothes and putting them back on. We, furthermore have been practicing taking jumpers on and off a very useful skill before starting school.

We lastly, finished the month with a very successful Free Play & Stay session for some of the new children joining us in September, resulting in positive feedback and we will therefore definitely do it again.

May 2021

Sunday, June 6th, 2021

May 2021 Newsletter

We have explored a variety of topics during May and one of them was learning about the importance of good dental hygiene.

During circle time, we discussed the importance of brushing our teeth regularly and the children learnt a song called “Brush brush, brush your teeth.”

In line with our healthy eating topic from April, we continued to identify which foods are good for our teeth and lead to happy teeth and which foods are bad for our teeth and lead to sad teeth. The children had the opportunity to participate in a matching game to reinforce this concept.

In practical life area, the children practiced squeezing a little toothpaste on to a toothbrush and brushing the teeth in a plastic mouth.

At circle time some of the children shared their experiences of visiting the dentist and of course getting a sticker afterwards.


We, have also been practicing our grace and courtesy, the children have been practicing how to ask for something if someone else is using it. They have been encouraged to say something as:

  • Can I help you with that
  • Can I work with you and of course
  • Yes please/No thank you

For the last two weeks our topic was recycling. The children watched a short video called Reuse, reduce recycle and learnt a song about recycling.

In the book area, we read lots of information books about reducing waste and recycling and discussed what we should do with rubbish so it does not end up in the oceans harming the wildlife.

In the craft area, we used lots of recycled items to make some model robots and discussed how we can reuse cardboard and paper for drawing, painting and model making. We also made some bags from old newspapers securing them with staples, which the children used unaided but under supervision. We even made our own Recycling Center, where the children practiced sorting tins, paper and cardboard, plastic and glass into groups.


During our nature walks we discovered that the grass and flowers in the meadow had really grown a lot and is actually quite nice to lay in. We also found that our beetroot seeds had grown into plants, so we now planned them outside.

At snack time, we discussed how we reuse the fruit and vegetable peelings by putting them in the compost bin and that over time they turn into compost and we can use it on the garden.

In our cooking activity, we made some simple flat breads that hopefully the children enjoyed eating at home. Notwithstanding, the carrot juice was a hit as children loved making and above all drinking it, resulting in many smiling faces and empty cups.

Finally on Thursday afternoon we had a very special visitor, when Nightingale, a 2-week-old baby goat came in for a run around our garden with the children. Nightingale, is currently being hand reared as she is so small, and one of the parents is looking after her. Nightingale, enjoyed being stroked by the children, running around the garden and even nibbling our plants.

We hope all have had a safe and relaxing half term and let’s hope we can swap our rain coats for sun hats and enjoy some sunshine at last.


April 2021

Saturday, May 1st, 2021

April may have been a short month at nursery with only two weeks, but it was packed with lots of activities.

Our healthy eating theme proofed very popular with the children. We, learnt about healthy and unhealthy foods. The children, identified lots of different fruits and vegetables. We learnt that some grow in the ground, like the potatoes we planted. Others grow above the ground, such as the strawberries, which we also planted and fruits grows on trees and bushes. 

We, discussed the importance of eating a healthy varied diet including lots of different coloured vegetables on our plate. We, even made some rainbow kebabs with lots of different fruits and vegetables.

We furthermore, at lunchtime we chatted about the food in our lunchboxes and the importance of drinking water to keep us hydrated.

The Montessori fraction puzzle was proving very popular and the children continued playing and learning about whole, halves, thirds and quarters and even fifths. The theme continued itself during snack time, as the children started talking and cutting pears or bananas in halves, which was great fun.  

In our fun science topic, we discussed the importance of washing our hands and we did a fun experiment putting glitter on our hands. We then washed them by firstly using water and secondly using soap. This, lead us to surprisingly discover that we need to wash our hands with soap and to remove all the germs thoroughly and if we don’t they will stick with us just like glitter.

In the craft area, we made some amazing healthy eating plates with rainbow-coloured vegetables and fruit. We even made some recipe books with healthy food pictures. In the book area, we read lots of books including, Oliver’s Fruit Salad and Handa’s Surprise, which made our tummies rumble.

To consolidate our healthy eating topic, we planted some tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs and strawberry plants that were very kindly donated to us by Two Acres Nursery (

March 2021

Saturday, April 3rd, 2021

What a busy month we have had at nursery. During the first week of March, we celebrated World Book Day, the children brought in their favourite books to share with their friends and to celebrate further many dressed up, we had a skeleton, cat, ninja, puppy, fairy and pirate. One of our favourite books is Goldilocks and The Three Bears. We enjoyed reading the story and having porridge at snack time. We learnt about small, medium and large and ordered some bowls and spoons according to size.

During the second week of March, our topic was Mother’s Day, we discussed how much we love our families and we learnt a very special song called “I love my Mummy” .Hopefully your child sang it to you. The craft area was very busy as well, as we made cards, flowers and some vegan chocolate hearts for Mummy. During our cooking sessions we made our chocolate hearts. We also learnt during our fun science, how chocolate melts, when it is heated and then solidifies when it cools down.  

During the third and forth week we started planting some seeds to put in our raised beds when the weather warms up a little. We planted some beetroot, carrots and potatoes. Hopefully, in the summer we can all taste some home grown produce. We have also entered the Privett and Froxfield virtual flowers show and we painted some daffodil pictures and spring flowers. For fun science we discovered how a bean starts to germinate when it is placed in water, then the children draw what they could see sprouting from the bean.

For our final week, we were busy with Easter craft, we decorated some eggs to hang on our tree we made some Easter Bunnies and had an Easter Egg Hunt in our garden. The best part of the end of the term must have been our Easter, chocolate. The children were very surprised to find little chocolate rabbits hiding in the garden.

We made the most of the lovely early spring sunshine and had a picnic lunch outside. We hope you all have a safe and relaxing break we start back on Monday 19th April.

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