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Amazing Spring 2024 -newsletter 42

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2024

Spring 2024

We have returned refreshed for the spring 2024 term after a restful Christmas break and the children have been eager to share their festive adventures. Our focus for the first few weeks has been the Arctic. The children have delved into the fascinating world of Arctic animals, learning to identify various species during our welcome sessions.

We immersed ourselves in informative books and even enjoyed a short video titled A Walk in the Arctic.” When the weather permitted, we conducted a fun experiment: placing plastic animals in pots of water overnight to observe how the water froze. The following day, the children eagerly explored ways to rescue the animals from the ice. In our knowledge and understanding area, we created a miniature Arctic habitat complete with snow and ice for the children to explore.


During our cooking activity, we whipped up some delicious hummus, which the children enjoyed during snack time. Miss Paula even brought in her food processor to demonstrate how chickpeas are mashed to make hummus.

Sprinig 2024: Two little girld steering in a pot of chickpeas as part of the humus making process Spring 2024: A 3 year old boy preparing to make humus Spring 2024: A 3 year old boy preparing to make humus

Our next theme centred around Garden Birds, coinciding with the National Big Garden Bird Watch. The children became adept at identifying different bird species that visited our nursery garden, from robins, blue tits and blackbirds to even spotting a pheasant in the car park. During circle time, they enthusiastically shared pictures of their favourite birds with their friends. In the knowledge and understanding area, we set up a bird watching station equipped with real binoculars for the children to observe the garden birds. Crafting colourful birds and binoculars added to the excitement.

A picture of a Robin, held up by a 3 year old A 3 year old boy with a picture of a blue tit binoculars made by children out of toilet role with a pinguine painted over it, promoting recycling


After half term, we embarked on learning about Chinese New Year. The children discovered simple facts about Chinese culture and relished the chance to enjoy noodles using chopsticks during snack time. Lantern-making and crafting colourful dragons immersed them in the festive spirit. We watched a video about Chinese New Year celebrations and danced to a lively dragon song with swirling coloured scarves.

We then introduced the concept of opposites, engaging the children with pictures and games to reinforce understanding. Stretching exercises focused on opposites such as up and down, in and out, fast and slow, tall and small, weak and strong.

We also had the opportunity to go for a meadow walk at Fawley Farm during sunny spells! We saw a horse and enjoyed walking in the already tall growing grass. We are all weather though and the children for sure enjoyed playing outside in “muddy” puddles.

As Mother’s Day approached, we celebrated the importance of families and the special role of mothers. The children shared heartwarming stories about their mums during circle time and learned a special song to sing at home. Crafting special cards and flowers added a personal touch, while experimenting with melting chocolate to create heart-shaped treats added a sprinkle of fun.

For spring 2024 World Book Day, we indulged in our favourite stories and delighted in seeing some children dressed as their beloved book characters. Designing their own books in the craft area sparked creativity. Reading “Goldilocks and The Three Bears” led to making porridge during snack time, introducing the concept of small, medium, and large for further exploration.

Spring 2024: 1 to 5 year old children all dressed up for World Book day 2024 at Privett Montessori next to the pink blossom tree

As spring 2024 arrived, we embraced the season with daffodil-themed activities. Exploring daffodil pictures in the craft area and watching a video about spring during Welcome Time infused us with the spirit of the season. We even got our fingers dirty and did some planting. The children concluded the theme by baking chocolate cakes and decorating bunny cards.


Wishing you all a restful Spring 2024 break, and we look forward to welcoming everyone back to nursery on Monday, April 15th.

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Reasons and overview of positive childcare Changes for April 2024

Friday, February 23rd, 2024

Understanding the reasons and overview of the proposed UK childcare Changes impacting Parents in the UK from April 1, 2024

The UK government has proposed significant changes to childcare policies, set to come into effect from April 1, 2024. These changes aim to address various challenges faced by parents and families in accessing affordable and high-quality childcare services.

Childcare changes per April 2024 with an image of a child that puts numbers in the right order

The reason for this change in the view of Privett Montessori based on OECD reports is that the UK participation rate has drastically reduced since 2019 (start of the pandemic) compared to Q3/Q4 2022 (end of the pandemic). The participation rate is an important measure as it indicates how many people are working or are seeking employment between the ages of 15 to 64. The UK already finds itself in a labour shortage (Financial Times, 12 December 2023) and as the participation rate hit a -1% change based on the OECD’s information; it is no surprise that this has triggered a change in the direction of the UK government.

Graph based on OECD Q3/Q4 report on Participation Rate Change in OECD countries

What is going to change?

The proposed childcare changes encompass several aspects, including adjustments to eligibility criteria, funding mechanisms, and the provision of support services. Key highlights of the changes include:

  • Expansion of eligibility criteria for childcare support
  • Introduction of a new funding model for early years education
  • Enhancement of quality standards in childcare facilities
  • Streamlining of administrative processes for parents and providers

Key Features of the New Childcare Policies:

  1. Expanded Eligibility Criteria: The government intends to broaden the eligibility criteria for childcare support, allowing more families to access financial assistance for childcare expenses. This may include extending support to families with higher incomes or those facing specific circumstances, such as parents with disabilities or special needs children.

From April 2024, working parents will have access to funding up to 30 hrs for 2 to 4 year olds. A good links to use to review if you are eligible are:

New Funding Model: A revised funding model for early years education is proposed to ensure equitable distribution of resources and support for childcare providers. This model may involve changes to funding allocations based on factors such as socioeconomic indicators, regional disparities, and the quality of childcare services.

For Privett Montessori, participation in the program entails receiving funding from Hampshire County Council for each enrolled child. However, the allocated funding falls short of the session rate utilised by the nursery, presenting a financial challenge. Nevertheless, there is a silver lining as Hampshire County Council has authorised providers to levy a fee for nursery consumables on parents. While this may result in a modest expense for parents, it ultimately aids in bolstering the sustainability of nurseries, particularly those situated in rural areas.

Impact on Parents and Families: The proposed childcare changes are expected to have significant implications for parents and families across the UK. While the expansion of eligibility criteria and the introduction of a new funding model may benefit many families by making childcare more affordable and accessible, the hope of the UK government most likely is an increase in the participation rate in the UK labour force. This obviously will boost the UK economy in the long term.

Despite the government allocating significant resources to support the implementation of the proposed childcare changes, including funding for subsidies, training programs, infrastructure development, and support services, the questions remain about the long-term sustainability of these initiatives and the adequacy of funding levels to meet the growing demand for childcare services.

In general, Privett Montessori believes that a successful implementation of the proposed childcare changes will require careful planning, coordination, and collaboration among government agencies, childcare providers, educators, parents, and other stakeholders. Key challenges and considerations include:

  • Ensuring adequate funding and resources
  • Addressing workforce shortages and training needs
  • Monitoring and evaluation of quality standards
  • Addressing disparities in access and provision
  • Engaging with diverse communities and stakeholders

It is therefore no surprise that stakeholders from various sectors, including parents, childcare providers, educators, advocacy groups, and policymakers, have expressed a range of opinions and concerns regarding the proposed childcare changes. While some welcome the initiatives as positive steps towards improving childcare accessibility and quality, others raise questions about funding adequacy, implementation challenges, and the potential impact on disadvantaged families.

Privett Montessori warmly embraces the initiative; however, it recognizes that the allocated funding falls short of its standard session rates. To ensure the organization’s long-term sustainability, it is deliberating the option of implementing a nominal fee for customers to mitigate the shortfall for the upcoming September 2024 academic year.

In conclusion, the proposed UK childcare changes set to take effect from April 1, 2024, represent a significant overhaul of the childcare system aimed at improving accessibility, affordability, and quality. While the changes hold the promise of benefiting many families, they also pose challenges and uncertainties that will require ongoing attention and collaboration to address effectively.


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Creative Authum Term – newsletter 41

Monday, December 18th, 2023

A creative start of Authum Term

As we returned to the nursery after a delightful summer break, the children creatively eagerly shared tales of their summer escapades and the joyous memories they created.

Our inaugural theme centred around ‘All about Me.’ The children embarked on a creative endeavour, crafting personalised books that delved into their unique personalities, complemented by self-portraits painted with zest after introspection in front of mirrors. Group sessions focused on familial discussions, where children animatedly shared stories of siblings and pets. Outdoors, we laid creative sizable sheets for the children to sprawl on while we traced their figures – a delightful canvas for their imaginative self-decorations.

creative painting by a 2 year old

Creative Tracing of a boy on paper for painting on it later on

Colouring in a real sized traced girl in colour

A familiy chain created by children of Privett Montessori Nursery SchoolIn a celebration of family life, we learned a heartwarming song called “I Love My Family” and delved into numerous books, exploring diverse family structures. Culinary creativity took centre stage as we picked blackberries from the nursery garden for a delightful blackberry and apple crumble! Leftover blackberries sparked experimentation, leading to a vibrant session of crushing and painting. In our science section. Miss Veronica dazzled us with a rainbow trick involving paper towels and water. Explorations continued with mixing paint colours, accompanied by delightful songs about colours and rainbows, such as the Rainbow colour song. This made all of us dance!

A boy picking berries at Privett Montessori Nursery School Best blackberry and ample crumble picked from the garden in the nursery and made by the children of Privett Montessori Nursery School Making and creating a rainbow as part of the science topic

I love my Family Song

Rainbow Colour Song

Transitioning to apples and apple trees, we cut open apples to discover their tiny seeds and created a captivating collage depicting the life cycle of an apple tree. Apples from our garden became tools for apple printing, and we engaged in weighing activities with scales while whipping up delicious apple and carrot muffins. Before the mid-term break, we relished a trip to Durleigh Marsh for pumpkin picking, concluding with a cozy café visit for drinks and flapjacks.

sensory explorations of pumpkin seeds by 9 children with one adult guiding them young girl exploring the texture of a pumkin young boy taking out pumkin seeds from a pumkin scoping out pumkin seeds in a tray

Post-half term, we embraced the season with pumpkin printing and sensory explorations of pumpkin seeds. As Bonfire Night approached, the children experimented with paint effects to craft vivid firework pictures and fashioned rockets. Group discussions emphasized the importance of safety around fires and fireworks. Our thematic journey then ventured into hibernation, with the children learning about animals that slumber through the winter.

In the craft area, we shaped hedgehogs from clay, designing cozy hedgehog houses for their winter rest. Informational books and cherished tales about Hodge the Hedgehog enriched our creative exploration.

Culinary creative adventures persisted with the baking of delicious bread rolls, accompanied by warm porridge during colder weather for delightful snack times outdoors. Bread roles looked amazing and  tasted great as the children really enjonyed them as you can see from the below pictures:

Wrapping up the term, the children showcased their creativity with Christmas cards and adorable reindeer decorations.

Throughout the term, our weekly focus on phonetic letters and words continued, with children working closely with their key persons using Montessori equipment to explore different cone shapes, sounds, numbers, and name writing.


A heartfelt thank you for your kind cards and presents. As we bid farewell to this term, we extend warm wishes for a joyous Christmas and a delightful New Year. Enjoy a well-deserved break and we eagerly anticipate our return to the nursery on Tuesday, January 2nd.

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A great Privett Montessori welcome back- 40

Wednesday, September 6th, 2023

A great Privett Montessori welcome back

A great Privett Montessori welcome back as on Monday 4 September we started our new 2023 / 2024 school year in our nursery for 1 to 5 year olds.

A great Privett Montessori welcome back is the title with two pictures of children that are enjyoing themselves by playing in the garden and the other one by writingWe are glad to see many familiar as well as new faces and are enjoying the really nice warm weather. The children are taken the opportunity to play in the garden and enjoy the new wooden Seasaw.

Read More on our curriculum


Dates And Fees


A helpful article with tips for parents / carers: “Optimal Child development: 20 Tips for Parents”. Please note that some of the tips are for an older age group of +10 years onwards.  This may still feel far a way, but this comes around the corner sooner then you think….time flies! In terms of context, the article was written in early 2022, when we all went back to school after the Covid pandemic.

As a setting we are very pleased to see that we as a whole have moved on from the pandemic !

Summer 23 – Newsletter 39 – Healthy Eating

Monday, July 24th, 2023

Summer 23 – Newsletter 39- Healthy EatingHealthy - Eating - 11 pre-shool children sitting on 2 round green tables eating outside at Privett Montessori Nursery School

Healthy Eating- We returned to the nursery after a delightful two-week Easter break, during which the children excitedly shared their stories of Easter egg hunts and indulging in chocolate eggs.

To align with EYFS requirements, we embarked on our topic of Healthy Eating. We engaged the children in discussions about the significance of consuming a diverse range of healthy fruits and vegetables and in the craft area, created a colourful healthy eating plate.

The book area came alive with tales about fruit and vegetables, and we all enjoyed a hilarious story called “Oliver’s Vegetables”. Curious about the book? Please press the button to “read it aloud”. Oliver’s Vegetables

During snack and lunch times, we reinforced the importance of healthy eating by encouraging the children to choose nutritious snacks, like fruit and vegetables, and bring a wholesome lunch box. We also emphasized the value of staying hydrated and had a friendly chat about dental health and visiting the dentist.

As the next phase of our journey, we delved into our Royal topic. In anticipation of the Coronation, we crafted beautiful crowns and celebrated with a delightful Coronation Tea, where strawberries and popcorn were relished. We explored photographs of the Royal Family and the Coronation, sparking engaging discussions about King Charles and Camilla.


Our half term concluded with a fascinating exploration type of mini beast. Armed with magnifying glasses, we embarked on a bug hunt in the garden and, in the craft area, created cut ladybugs. To add to the fun, we learned a catchy song about a spider.

Upon returning from break, we divided into our topic about “People-who-help-us”. Trough captivating  photographs, we explored the roles of Doctors, Nurses, Teachers, Firefighters, Police Officers and Paramedics.

A highlight was the unexpected visit from the First Ambulance Aid Responders, who generously spoke to the children about their heroic jobs and even gave each child a plaster and dressing. The children were ecstatic and asked questions as well!

Outdoors, we transformed a large box into a fantastic fire engine with a ladder and hose, fostering imaginative play and creativity. Additionally, we dedicated time to celebrate Father’s Day, where the children made special cards and learned a heartwarming song about Daddy.


Next up was our enthralling topic on Dinosaurs. /we immersed ourselves in pictures of these ancient creatures, learning their names and understanding their diets some being meat eaters, while others preferred vegetation. With a dance called “The Dinosaur Stop” and a sensory tray filled with toy dinosaurs, the children’s excitement soared.

In preparation for a sport day, we enjoyed an array of activities, from running the-egg-and spoon race and even wheelbarrow racing, all under the glorious sunshine! However, on sports day, the rain tried to dampen our spirits, but we swiftly adapted by moving the races indoors.

Each child proudly received a well-deserved medal, and we celebrated with indoor picnic, cherishing the moments with friends and family.

Over the last two weeks we ventured into the vastness of space, exploring planets and the wonders of the cosmos. Through captivating information books, we deepened our knowledge of space.  Furthermore, the children had a blast creating moon and planet pictures. We even pretended to walk on the moon, adding a fun of role-playing to our learning.

We also took a walk through the meadow next door and used our wonderful swing, which created big healthy smiles!


Lastly, as our leavers bird farewell, they brought in their school bags and uniforms to show us what they will wear to school. It’s been an action-packed summer term, filled with joy and earning.

We wish you all a wonderful summer and eagerly look forwards to hearing about the children’s adventure during their summer holidays when they return.

Please click the Time Table 23/24 button to see our Time table for the 23/24 term.

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Spring ’23 Newsletter number 38 – world book day

Thursday, April 6th, 2023

Spring ’23 Newsletter – world book day

Spring & World book day: We returned to our nursery after a lovely Christmas break, where the children told us all about their Christmas holidays and the adventures that they had.

spring world book day 2023 at Privett Montessori

Our first topic was The Artic. The children thought this topic was great fun and we learnt lots of information about the animals that live on the Artic Tundra. During Welcome Time we watched a short educational video called ‘A walk in the Artic’. In the craft area, we made lots of creations. Some of them were painting snowy pictures using foil, making igloo’s using boxes, recreating our own artic scene with various animals in the builder trays and finally, practicing our cutting skills by making snowflakes.

In the Book area we read a wide range of information books about the artic. Fortunately, we were lucky enough for the weather (which was cold and icy) to match our topic so before we went out, we warmed up with some porridge at snack time and then put on our waterproofs to play outside. Out in the garden we rescued cars and plastic animals that had been frozen in some ice.


37. Pumpkin delight- Dec’22 Newsletter

Saturday, December 24th, 2022


After a lovely autumn half term break, we returned to the nursery where the children were excited to dress up for Pumpkin Day! We continued our pumpkin theme by printing some pumpkin pictures and Miss Veronica showed us how to make Mexican Tortilla’s. We enjoyed playing outside, collecting leaves in the autumn sun, and when the rain came the children practiced putting on their own waterproofs and wellie boots to wear outside to splash in the puddles.Dressed up child as a pumpkin eating a tortilla

The children all dressed up as pumpkins for Pumpkin dayA child is making tortillas by hand by using a press- delicious.

Mexican style tortilla’s made by pre-school children for pumpkin day (more…)

36. All about me – Authum’22 Newsletter

Tuesday, October 25th, 2022

All about me

All About me- Privett Montessori welcomed all of the children back to nursery after a lovely long and hot summer holidays. The children were delighted to be back and made sure to tell everyone stories about their summer holidays.

Our topic for the first few weeks was ‘All about Me’. We learnt all about families, sisters, brothers and any pets that we may have at home. We also learnt a song about families and made our very own family picture by making a family chain. The children enjoyed mostly enjoyed telling their  “all about me” stories. However, one of our favourite activities was when we made blackberry and apple crumble. We used the apples that Miss Paula bought from the apple tree in her garden and fresh blackberries that we picked from our nursery garden ourselves.

Want to try the blackberry and apple crumble recipe? Please press the below button to fill your tummy!

Blackberry and apple crumble Recipe

A 3 year old girl is making a people chain for the topic all about me

Images of people created by pre-school children for the topic, all about me


Over the next few weeks in order to try and increase vocabulary, we introduced our letter of the week, word of the week and show and tell, which has been a great success.

The following week, our word of the week was breakfast so the children told us what they ate for breakfast and we made some porridge to enjoy at snack time.

As summer turned into autumn over the next few weeks, we spoke about leaves changing colour and falling to the ground. We learnt a song called ‘Leaves are Falling’ and we did some leaf printing and read lots of books about Autumn.


The children also enjoyed Miss Paula opening a pumpkin so the children could explore what was inside. They had fun washing the seeds and used them for crafts.

In our last week before half term, we painted some pumpkins and made some salt dough ones which we painted finally we enjoyed a nursery trip to Durleighmarsh to pick pumpkins and of course visit the lovely coffee shop.


Dates for your diary:School dates

  • 1 November: Pumpkin Day – dress up in your favourite Halloween outfit.
  • 8 December: Christmas Jumper day – wear your favourite Xmas jumper to school!
  • 15 December: Christmas Party – Xmas party with timing tbc

Enjoy and have a lovely half term everyone, we are back on Monday 31st October!!!

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35. Summer 22 Newsletter – healthy

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2022


Healthy- At Privett Montessori, all of the staff and children returned to the nursery after the Easter Break. When we returned, the children told us what fun they had during their time off. We then started the term talking about healthy eating and we discussed why it’s important to eat a variety of fruit and vegetables every day. Something that we did was read lots of entertaining books in the book area about fruits and vegetables.

Child eating healthy snacks such as humus

We also watched a short video called How to be Healthy and to reinforce this we then created some healthy eating plates in the craft area and made some healthy wraps filled with hummus and lots of yummy vegetables, which we hope your child enjoyed eating at home! healthy eating habits at privett montessori week


For the last few weeks before the half term, we learnt about London and we looked at some photographs of famous London landmarks such as Buckingham Palace, The London Eye, The Tower Bridge and Big Ben. To tie in with the Queen’s Jubilee we looked at some photographs of the Queen and the Royal Family. Finally, we decorated some crowns and had a celebration snack which consisted of healthy fruit kebabs and delicately salted popcorn, freshly made from Miss Paula’s popcorn maker.

After half term, we started talking about ‘People Who Help Us’, and we all worked together to make a fire engine, firefighter helmets, an ambulance and police hats, which the children greatly enjoyed playing with in the garden.


This term, we had a nursery trip to Durleigh Marsh Farm, where we enjoyed a morning of strawberry picking followed by a visit to the coffee shop and play area. The children loved picking the strawberries and of course had great fun sampling a few of them.

Want to see more on the strawberry adventure with more pictures, please click the following “Strawberry Adventure” Facebook link

Strawberry adventure


Our next topic was Dinosaurs, which the children were very excited to learn about! Some of the things that we looked at were lots of different dinosaur names, such as a T-Rex which is also known as a Tyrannosaurus-Rex, and about how some dinosaurs ate meat and some ate plants. We also did lots of fun activities. Some of the activities that we did were sorting out dinosaurs, learning a dinosaur stomp song and reading a variety of dinosaur books.

Something that we cannot forget to mention is the Privett Montessori Sports Day! The children had an absolute blast and loved every minute of it! Something extra special that the children liked doing in the lead up for Sports Day was making some amazing salt dough medal which they then received at the end of our brilliant day, finalising with our traditional picknick!


Finally, to bring a close to out newsletter we wish the very best of luck to all of the older children going on to a new school and new adventures. We are sad to say goodbye to them but we know that they have bright futures ahead of them!

From all of the staff members at Privett Montessori, we hope you all enjoy the summer holidays and to those returning in September we start back on Monday 5th September! Happy Holidays!

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34. The great Arctic and Zodiac – Spring 22 Newsletter

Wednesday, May 4th, 2022


Arctic – During the Spring term at Privett Montessori, the children covered a variety of different subjects and greatly enjoyed learning the names of many Arctic animals at circle time. For our subject ‘The Artic’, one of the children’s favourite activities was looking at photographs of Arctic animals and sharing which one was their favourite.

Two of the animals which were popular among children were the polar bears and the walruses. In the book area we read lots of books about the Arctic, with some of them being information books and others fictional stories. We also learned a song called “The Frost is in the air” which the children loved singing.

Children playing with ice as part of an Arctic topic

In the craft area, the children painted some snow pictures, and then created some polar bear collages. The children also practiced their cutting skills by snipping and crafting what turned out to be very some very beautiful snowflakes. Outside, we were extremely lucky as the weather matched our theme so we left bowls of water outside overnight.

The next day, the children were very delighted to go out into the garden and find that the water they had left out had turned into ice! They then had even more fun breaking the ice into pieces. In the classroom we made our own Arctic play area with snow, ice water and Arctic animals and even found some lost cars in the ice. We also as it was so cold, fed the birds outside and gave them bird seed.

For our cooking activity, the children learned how to make fresh orange juice, which they enjoyed squeezing to extract the juice. We then drank the orange juice with our fruit at snack time.


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