Creative Authum Term – newsletter 41

Monday, December 18th, 2023

A creative start of Authum Term

As we returned to the nursery after a delightful summer break, the children creatively eagerly shared tales of their summer escapades and the joyous memories they created.

Our inaugural theme centred around ‘All about Me.’ The children embarked on a creative endeavour, crafting personalised books that delved into their unique personalities, complemented by self-portraits painted with zest after introspection in front of mirrors. Group sessions focused on familial discussions, where children animatedly shared stories of siblings and pets. Outdoors, we laid creative sizable sheets for the children to sprawl on while we traced their figures – a delightful canvas for their imaginative self-decorations.

creative painting by a 2 year old

Creative Tracing of a boy on paper for painting on it later on

Colouring in a real sized traced girl in colour

A familiy chain created by children of Privett Montessori Nursery SchoolIn a celebration of family life, we learned a heartwarming song called “I Love My Family” and delved into numerous books, exploring diverse family structures. Culinary creativity took centre stage as we picked blackberries from the nursery garden for a delightful blackberry and apple crumble! Leftover blackberries sparked experimentation, leading to a vibrant session of crushing and painting. In our science section. Miss Veronica dazzled us with a rainbow trick involving paper towels and water. Explorations continued with mixing paint colours, accompanied by delightful songs about colours and rainbows, such as the Rainbow colour song. This made all of us dance!

A boy picking berries at Privett Montessori Nursery School Best blackberry and ample crumble picked from the garden in the nursery and made by the children of Privett Montessori Nursery School Making and creating a rainbow as part of the science topic

I love my Family Song

Rainbow Colour Song

Transitioning to apples and apple trees, we cut open apples to discover their tiny seeds and created a captivating collage depicting the life cycle of an apple tree. Apples from our garden became tools for apple printing, and we engaged in weighing activities with scales while whipping up delicious apple and carrot muffins. Before the mid-term break, we relished a trip to Durleigh Marsh for pumpkin picking, concluding with a cozy café visit for drinks and flapjacks.

sensory explorations of pumpkin seeds by 9 children with one adult guiding them young girl exploring the texture of a pumkin young boy taking out pumkin seeds from a pumkin scoping out pumkin seeds in a tray

Post-half term, we embraced the season with pumpkin printing and sensory explorations of pumpkin seeds. As Bonfire Night approached, the children experimented with paint effects to craft vivid firework pictures and fashioned rockets. Group discussions emphasized the importance of safety around fires and fireworks. Our thematic journey then ventured into hibernation, with the children learning about animals that slumber through the winter.

In the craft area, we shaped hedgehogs from clay, designing cozy hedgehog houses for their winter rest. Informational books and cherished tales about Hodge the Hedgehog enriched our creative exploration.

Culinary creative adventures persisted with the baking of delicious bread rolls, accompanied by warm porridge during colder weather for delightful snack times outdoors. Bread roles looked amazing and  tasted great as the children really enjonyed them as you can see from the below pictures:

Wrapping up the term, the children showcased their creativity with Christmas cards and adorable reindeer decorations.

Throughout the term, our weekly focus on phonetic letters and words continued, with children working closely with their key persons using Montessori equipment to explore different cone shapes, sounds, numbers, and name writing.


A heartfelt thank you for your kind cards and presents. As we bid farewell to this term, we extend warm wishes for a joyous Christmas and a delightful New Year. Enjoy a well-deserved break and we eagerly anticipate our return to the nursery on Tuesday, January 2nd.

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