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2. Fascinating Planetarium and Science Centre

Monday, May 4th, 2015

Planetarium and Science Centre

On Thursday 7th May Privett Montessori went to the Planetarium and Science Centre in Winchester.

We first went to see the “Secret of the Cardboard Rocket Show”  We learnt so much about the planets in our Solar System and we agree with Heidi who says she likes our planet earth best!

After the show we went into the Science Centre, where we all enjoyed the huge range of hands on exhibits.

Here are some photographs of the day!

8th May 041 8th May 042 8th May 044 8th May 045 8th May 046 8th May 047 8th May 062 8th May 069 8th May 074 A child discovering the Winchester Science Centre 8th May 081 science centre 002 science centre 010 science centre 019 science centre 022 science centre 023 science centre 026 The Winchester science centre is also enjoyed by parents science centre 037 science centre 040 science centre 046 science centre 048

2. Watercress Line Gallery of school trip

Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

Watercress line School Trip

Below are a few pictures from our day out on the Watercress Line 2014 outing!

We all really enjoyed the day out and hope that we can do it again in the near future.

Mrs Bear tells us about her lost picnic during our school trip to the Watercress line

Mrs Bear tells us about her lost picnic!

watercress trip 021

To find out more information on the rainway, please click on the Information box!

We had a good turnout and the railway carriages were very comfortable. We were able to look outside as the view was great, helped by the weather.

Information watercress trip 020

watercress trip 018watercress trip 002 watercress trip 017 watercress trip 012 watercress trip 013 watercress trip 014 watercress trip 015 watercress trip 010 watercress trip 009 watercress trip 008 watercress trip 006 watercress trip 005

1. Our visit to the Watercress Line

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

Watercress Line

On Thursday 22nd May Privett Village Hall was in use for polling so we took our bears (and children) on a visit to the Watercress line.

We got on the steam train at Alresford and travelled to Ropley where we were met by Mrs Bear who was in quite a state because  she

Mrs Bear tells us about her lost picnic!

Mrs Bear tells us about her lost picnic!

had somehow managed to mislay her picnic.

We organised a search party and soon discovered her sandwiches and cake  in all sorts of odd places and  her flask, which was high up on a lamp post!

Unfortunately it had begun to rain quite heavily, so we decided to picnic indoors.  After lunch most of us went for a walk to the meadow and we got very wet!

It was soon time to get back on the train and Mrs Bear waved us off on the next part of our journey to Alton.   There was just enough time to buy some cups of much needed coffee for the Mums and Dads as well as a few treats before we were off on our way home back to Alresford.

It was a lovely day out despite the weather and Mrs Bear was a great hit!

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