33. Happy Craft – December 2021 Newsletter

Friday, December 31st, 2021


What a year it has been! December has flown by in haze of crafts, books, glitter and Christmas songs. In the last month of the term, we had the children design their own Christmas cards (the theme being baubles) with buttons and string. What a crafty bunch!

We also had a small post box to send letters and cards to Santa and each other which proved to be a very popular and fun activity!

Craft: Pre-school children making their own Christmas cardsCraft: Creative painting by two children by mixing prime colours

Another project was with Miss Paula who helped the children fold a square piece of paper, cut it and then open it and watch as it magically transformed into a star! The children had a great time decorating them and were in awe of the finished result.

In the craft area the children made some decorations from clay and painted them. We cut lots of snow flakes and these also turned out to be beautiful decorations.

During the last week of term, we baked some Gingerbread men and enjoyed our Christmas party, where we played musical chairs, musical statues and pin the red nose on Rudolf. And as a special little treat the older children sit down and watch a lovely Christmas film with delicious popcorn!

To find our Gingerbread man recipe, hit the Gingerbread men recipe button. Fun to try at home!

Gingerbread men recipe

The younger children enjoyed a special Christmas snack consisting of banana and strawberries in the shape of a Christmas stocking. Then Miss Veronica prepared a delicious lunch of small sandwiches, sausage and cucumber kebabs in the shape of a Christmas tree and of course no party is complete without jelly!

Just a reminder that we start back on January 4th 2022.

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