31. Delicious Apple October 2021 Newsletter

Monday, October 25th, 2021


October has been a fun packed month. We started learning about apples and we discussed some language around apples, such as sweet, sour, crunchy, peel and  apple seeds. The helper of the day chopped up lots of them at snack time and discovered the seeds inside. This led to a discussion about the life cycle of the apple tree, which the children also drew. In the book area we also read lots of books about Autumn, Trees and Fruit.the cycle of the apple tree drawn by a 3 year old

At group time the children told us what fruit they like to eat best and if they had any fruit trees in their gardens. We collected a few small apples from the field and used these for some apple printing in the craft area. Miss Veronica also brought in apples from her garden, which were called “Golden Gelicious”

We have also been learning about Autumn and the children learned a special Autumn song called “Leaves are Falling”. We discussed what changes take place during the Autumn, Miss Veronica told the children about the large courgettes growing in her garden and she bought some in for the children to look at. We decided to use some of the courgette to make a courgette loaf cake and even the children who said “I don’t like courgette” agreed that the cake was delicious!

Miss Paula bought in some pumpkins for the children to touch, use and they also enjoyed scooping out the seeds and then washing them for our crafts.

Finally, we had an early Halloween celebration, with the children coming in wearing a fancy dress of their choice. We had some children dressed as pumpkins, some witches and a princess.

Upcoming Events 

Please note, we have been invited by Petersfield Library for a short visit in November. Details to follow via email.


As we approach the cold days, after half term, we kindly remind you to bring in hats, gloves and warm coats.

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