Spring ’23 Newsletter number 38 – world book day

Thursday, April 6th, 2023

Spring ’23 Newsletter – world book day

Spring & World book day: We returned to our nursery after a lovely Christmas break, where the children told us all about their Christmas holidays and the adventures that they had.

spring world book day 2023 at Privett Montessori

Our first topic was The Artic. The children thought this topic was great fun and we learnt lots of information about the animals that live on the Artic Tundra. During Welcome Time we watched a short educational video called ‘A walk in the Artic’. In the craft area, we made lots of creations. Some of them were painting snowy pictures using foil, making igloo’s using boxes, recreating our own artic scene with various animals in the builder trays and finally, practicing our cutting skills by making snowflakes.

In the Book area we read a wide range of information books about the artic. Fortunately, we were lucky enough for the weather (which was cold and icy) to match our topic so before we went out, we warmed up with some porridge at snack time and then put on our waterproofs to play outside. Out in the garden we rescued cars and plastic animals that had been frozen in some ice.

To celebrate the Chinese New Year, we attempted to eat some noodles with chopsticks during snack time and celebrated with various activities such as making some Chinese lanterns. To read more on this years Chinese Zodiac, please press the below button.

2023 Chinese ZodiacThroughout Welcome Time we continued with our letter and word of the week, practicing  phonetic sounds. We also had a lovely show and tell where the children brought multiple items that were precious to them.

Finally, to bring a close to this wonderful half term, we did a small cooking lesson, making flapjacks to share at home. We also began learning about the Seasons, where we have been looking for signs of Spring by exploring the nursery garden.

After our half term break, we returned, and discussed what the children had been up to during their half term.

Outside, we enjoyed making bird feeders and talked about how some birds might need some extra food during the winter months, particularly when it is very cold outside. We also celebrated Pancake Day by sharing some oat milk pancakes at snack time.

World book day – a key highlight

The next week it was World Book Day and the children shared with us their favourite books and came in dressed up as book characters. In the craft area we designed our own books, and we learnt about small, medium, and large when we read Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Following our activities from World Book Day, we made and painted daffodil pictures. In the garden we looked for snow drops and daffodils and any other signs of Spring. Some of the older children also wrote their first poem and received an Achievement award!

After this we also spoke about Mummy’s and how important they are, and we also made a special card for Mummy and learnt a song called “I love my Mummy” The children were also taught about liquids and solids and melted some chocolate to make our Mummy’s some chocolate hearts.

The week after this, we learnt about transport and how vehicles can travel over land, sea, or air. In small groups we sorted and worked out which vehicles belong in which category.

At Welcome Time we continued learning the phonetic sounds and words of the week and before lunch the children did their Shown & Tell.

Finally, we celebrated Easter where we had lots of fun making an Easter basket, bunny cup and a chocolate nest.

We hope that everybody has a lovely easter break and we return to nursery on Monday 17th April.

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