35. Summer 22 Newsletter – healthy

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2022


Healthy- At Privett Montessori, all of the staff and children returned to the nursery after the Easter Break. When we returned, the children told us what fun they had during their time off. We then started the term talking about healthy eating and we discussed why it’s important to eat a variety of fruit and vegetables every day. Something that we did was read lots of entertaining books in the book area about fruits and vegetables.

Child eating healthy snacks such as humus

We also watched a short video called How to be Healthy and to reinforce this we then created some healthy eating plates in the craft area and made some healthy wraps filled with hummus and lots of yummy vegetables, which we hope your child enjoyed eating at home! healthy eating habits at privett montessori week


For the last few weeks before the half term, we learnt about London and we looked at some photographs of famous London landmarks such as Buckingham Palace, The London Eye, The Tower Bridge and Big Ben. To tie in with the Queen’s Jubilee we looked at some photographs of the Queen and the Royal Family. Finally, we decorated some crowns and had a celebration snack which consisted of healthy fruit kebabs and delicately salted popcorn, freshly made from Miss Paula’s popcorn maker.

After half term, we started talking about ‘People Who Help Us’, and we all worked together to make a fire engine, firefighter helmets, an ambulance and police hats, which the children greatly enjoyed playing with in the garden.


This term, we had a nursery trip to Durleigh Marsh Farm, where we enjoyed a morning of strawberry picking followed by a visit to the coffee shop and play area. The children loved picking the strawberries and of course had great fun sampling a few of them.

Want to see more on the strawberry adventure with more pictures, please click the following “Strawberry Adventure” Facebook link

Strawberry adventure


Our next topic was Dinosaurs, which the children were very excited to learn about! Some of the things that we looked at were lots of different dinosaur names, such as a T-Rex which is also known as a Tyrannosaurus-Rex, and about how some dinosaurs ate meat and some ate plants. We also did lots of fun activities. Some of the activities that we did were sorting out dinosaurs, learning a dinosaur stomp song and reading a variety of dinosaur books.

Something that we cannot forget to mention is the Privett Montessori Sports Day! The children had an absolute blast and loved every minute of it! Something extra special that the children liked doing in the lead up for Sports Day was making some amazing salt dough medal which they then received at the end of our brilliant day, finalising with our traditional picknick!


Finally, to bring a close to out newsletter we wish the very best of luck to all of the older children going on to a new school and new adventures. We are sad to say goodbye to them but we know that they have bright futures ahead of them!

From all of the staff members at Privett Montessori, we hope you all enjoy the summer holidays and to those returning in September we start back on Monday 5th September! Happy Holidays!

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