10. Summer Term 2016

Tuesday, August 9th, 2016

Summer 2016 - children playing in the sandpit at Privett Montessori


It never really felt as though summer arrived this term but looking back through the photographs taken outside, we certainly enjoyed some sunny days!  Our project work was based on “Growth and Change” and we started by looking at plants.  We planted bean seeds in pots in nursery and over the course of the following fortnight we dug them up so that the children could see the process of germination.  The children each took some cress seeds to grow at home and we asked them to record the changes that they observed. Planting outside in the summer on 20 May 2016 Each child also made a pot from newspaper and planted a sunflower seed.  We planted out all the seedlings in our garden to make a sunflower display.

Fortunately, we had a lot more success with our caterpillars!  They ate, grew, shed their skins and finally hung in their chrysalis states in “j” forms from the top of their net home.  After at least another 2 we2007-01-01 12.02.13eks, our first butterfly emerged followed quickly by the rest.  We gave the butterflies a sugary solution . The children were absolutely fascinated to watch them uncurl their long proboscises to suck it up.  After a couple of days we released the butterflies into the garden and the children experienced the wonder and pleasure of having a butterfly rest on their hands before flying away.

2016-06-09 16.15.35

We asked the children to each bring a photograph of themselves as babies to show us and it was fun to try and guess who the babies were.  The children were knowledgeable about the differences between a baby and a 3 – 4 year old child.  They loved showing us some of the toys, clothes and other  bits and pieces that they had had as babies.  We set up a “baby corner” and the children enjoyed bathing, changing, feeding and caring for the baby dolls.

2007-01-02 12.30.22We were very pleased to be able to welcome back Mill Cottage Farm for our Open Morning.  They brought a variety of their animals for the children to stroke and observe.  This year the pigs were especially popular with the children.   They loved scratching the pigs’ backs and tummies.

100_2264When the Nursery closed on Thursday 23rd June because the hall was in use as a Polling Station for the Referendum, we went to Alice Holt for the day. Children, parents and dogs enjoyed being out and about together and the climbing apparatus at Alice Holt is plentiful and varied.  We were very lucky with the summer weather too, because  the rain held off until lunch time and Keri (Sorcha’s Dad) had offered us use of the “Go-Ape” covered picnic area which we gratefully accepted.

On the last day of the summer term, Lorna and Bollie from Playball organised our Games Day for us and the children impressed us all with their willingness and their enthusiasm to participate in all the events.  There was of course  a race for the parents who, as usual, entered fully into the spirit of the occasion!100_2499

Maggie, Christina, Fay, Annaliese, Lorna and I would like to thank all the parents involved in organising and catering for the summer barbecue held in Emma and Sam’s lovely garden for the children leaving Nursery this year.  We had a lovely time!  We wish all our leavers lots of luck, fun and success in their new schools and we look forward to the beginning of our new school year on Wednesday 7th September. Have a lovely summer holiday!

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