26. April 2021 – healthy eating

Saturday, May 1st, 2021

Healthy eating

Our healthy eating theme proved very popular with the children. We, learnt about healthy and unhealthy foods. The children, identified lots of different fruits and vegetables. We learnt that some grow in the ground, like the potatoes we planted. Others grow above the ground, such as the strawberries, which we also planted and fruits grows on trees and bushes. 

Pre-school children planting strawberries in the flower bed at Privett Montessori Nursery School


We, discussed the importance of eating a healthy varied diet including lots of different coloured vegetables on our plate. We, even made some rainbow kebabs with lots of different fruits and vegetables.

Healthy eating: Pre-school children preparing fruit sticks at Privett Montessori Nursery school

We furthermore, at lunchtime we chatted about the food in our lunchboxes and the importance of drinking water to keep us hydrated.

The Montessori fraction puzzle was proving very popular and the children continued playing and learning about whole, halves, thirds and quarters and even fifths. The theme continued itself during snack time, as the children started talking and cutting pears or bananas in halves, which was great fun.  

3 year old girl, who is very pleased using Montessori equipment to learn about halves and quarters
child fascinated by using montessori equipment to learn about 6th
child puzzling with Montessori equipment

In our fun science topic, we discussed the importance of washing our hands and we did a fun experiment putting glitter on our hands. We then washed them by firstly using water and secondly using soap. This, lead us to surprisingly discover that we need to wash our hands with soap and to remove all the germs thoroughly and if we don’t they will stick with us just like glitter.

Veronica, the teacher is sitting outside with 6 children showing them a stamp
Children doing arts and craft using glue to stick their pictures in a book

In the craft area, we made some amazing healthy eating plates with rainbow-coloured vegetables and fruit. We even made some recipe books with healthy food pictures. In the book area, we read lots of books including, Oliver’s Fruit Salad and Handa’s Surprise, which made our tummies rumble.

To consolidate our healthy eating topic, we planted some tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs and strawberry plants that were very kindly donated to us by Two Acres Nursery (2acres.co.uk)

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  1. Katy says:

    Looks like the children had great fun! Thanks Veronica and Sarah

  2. Jasmine has settled in with you very happily,she loves her time with Sarah , Veronica and friends

  3. Jasmine is really enjoying her time with you
    Thankyou so much

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