25. March 2021 – happy world book day 2021

Saturday, April 3rd, 2021

World Book day 2021

World Book day 2021: What a busy month we have had at nursery. During the first week of March, we celebrated World Book Day, the children brought in their favourite books to share with their friends and to celebrate further many dressed up, we had a skeleton, cat, ninja, puppy, fairy and pirate. One of our favourite books is Goldilocks and The Three Bears. We enjoyed reading the story and having porridge at snack time, a key highlight of world book day 2021. We learnt about small, medium and large and ordered some bowls and spoons according to size.

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World book day

children celebrating world book day 2021, all dressed up at Privett Montessori Nursery School

During the second week of March, our topic was Mother’s Day, we discussed how much we love our families and we learnt a very special song called “I love my Mummy” .Hopefully your child sang it to you. The craft area was very busy as well, as we made cards, flowers and some vegan chocolate hearts for Mummy. During our cooking sessions we made our chocolate hearts. We also learnt during our fun science, how chocolate melts, when it is heated and then solidifies when it cools down.  

During the third and fourth week we started planting some seeds to put in our raised beds when the weather warms up a little. We planted some beetroot, carrots and potatoes. Hopefully, in the summer we can all taste some home grown produce. We have also entered the Privett and Froxfield virtual flowers show and we painted some daffodil pictures and spring flowers. For fun science we discovered how a bean starts to germinate when it is placed in water, then the children draw what they could see sprouting from the bean.

For our final week, we were busy with Easter craft, we decorated some eggs to hang on our tree we made some Easter Bunnies and had an Easter Egg Hunt in our garden. The best part of the end of the term must have been our Easter, chocolate. The children were very surprised to find little chocolate rabbits hiding in the garden.

We made the most of the lovely early spring sunshine and had a picnic lunch outside. We hope you all have a safe and relaxing break we start back on Monday 19th April.

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  1. Katy says:

    Thanks Veronica and Sarah! What lovely activities. It looks like the children had a lot of fun.

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