18. Spring Term 2019 – culture

Sunday, April 14th, 2019


Culture: Maike’s travels abroad were too good an opportunity to miss for introducing the children to some different cultures and environments.  Some of the things we learned included the huge difference in the types of homes people in different countries live in.  For example, in Singapore the majority of the population live in giant skyscrapers whereas in Malaysia houses are built on stilts to keep them cool and to help keep out unwelcomeCulture: Image of a child painting a hand similar to hand paint prints in historic caves visitors, mainly of the snake variety!

We discussed some of the different foods eaten in different cultures and although we weren’t brave enough to try bird nest soup  we did enjoy some different fruit including guava and papaya. The children were fascinated that in Malaysia it’s quite usual to sit on the floor when eating but a little concerned that refusing food in this country is considered bad manners!  When Maike went to New Zealand we showed the children our model of an erupting volcano. It made quite an impression.

The animals of Australia were a great source of interest and we also talked about the aboriginal people and their art.  We learned the meaning for some of the symbols they use and this inspired us to have a go at producing our own artwork based on what we had learned on the culture. The pictures were so colourful and interesting we decided to exhibit them in the Spring Show in March.

At the beginning of February we were treated to some light snow and naturally we made the most of it!

March was extraordinarily busy with World Book Day, Red Nose Day, Mothers’ Day and the Froxfield and Privett Horticultural Show to enjoy and participate in.  Our children dressed as characters from stories and brought in their favourite books for us to share.  We are grateful to the parents who came in to read some of them to the children.  On Red Nose Day we provided breakfast for the children and we all enjoyed wearing our pyjamas to Nursery.  Christina who worked at the Nursery a few years ago very kindly came to lend us a hand and we raised just over £100.   A great achievement for a great cause.

The children spent a number of weeks making small paintings of Spring Flowers.  We put these together to make Mother’s Day cards.  They looked beautiful!  Our Aboriginal Art inspired paintings were entered into the Spring Show and we were very proud of all the artwork which received lots of interest and praise from visitors.  We were also very pleased for Freddie whose work achieved first place and for the two runners up, Iria and Jonah.  In the garden we have managed to get some potatoes planted and are wondering what else we can grow this year without feeding the pigeons and rabbits.

On April Fool’s Day our children arrived to find their chairs facing the wrong way and name cards turned upside down.  Not many of the children seemed unduly concerned although a couple of them did turn their chairs round and at snack time when the children take their name cards from the board, Harry very crossly commented “someone has turned my name upside down!”

Dilys’ Dad, Nick came and read  Zog to us and in a very interactive session the children were able to practise their first aid skills by applying plasters and bandages to Zog and they could even listen to his heart!
In the last week of term we made our Easter Garden and despite the rain the children went looking for eggs in the garden.  They found several!

We are sad to say goodbye to Louise who has been a wonderful help while Maike has been away but we are looking forward to the start of the Summer Term on Wednesday 24th April and to welcoming back Maike.  I am sure she will have plenty to tell us! In the meantime, we wish you all a very Happy Easter!

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  1. Maggie says:

    Such a busy term but it seemed to fly by! Hope Maike’s trip seemed longer to her. Thank you Louise for so ably stepping in.

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