3. The great new Wendy House

Monday, May 4th, 2015

Wendy house


WA child standing in the new Wendy Housee would love the children to name our long awaited new Wendy House.  Please write your child’s suggestion on a piece of paper, bring it to Privett Montessori Nursery by Friday 15th May and we will choose the most popular name or pick 3 to vote for! We are looking forward to the event.

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3 responses to “3. The great new Wendy House”

  1. Annaliese says:

    Had such a lovely day at Winchester Infotec. Thanks for organising Kate , Maggie and Christina. H and Mummy both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

  2. Hector says:

    The Green House
    Turtle House
    Heidi House…

    We could go on!

  3. Annaliese says:

    Henry says ‘Twinklestar Cottage’ Ax

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