24. February 2021 – birds

Sunday, February 28th, 2021


Birds: During the first week of February, we all enjoyed learning about ‘Garden Birds’. Some families joined in the ‘RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch’ and they recorded the birds they had seen in their gardens.

At nursery we made some bird feeders and hung some in the woods when we went for a walk. The children also made a hide in which to watch the birds and of course every birdwatcher needs binoculars. We made some binoculars and used them as we went for walks in the fields, we even saw a red kite flying overhead and some pheasants in the nursery car park.

Three children at Privett Montessori Nursery School, using binoculars for the big bird watch!
children at their look out to watch birds






Pre-school children at Privett Montessori Nursery School Eating Noodles to celebrate Chinese new year

During the second week we learnt about the Chinese New Year, at snack time the children used some chopsticks to eat some noodles. We watched a short video about Chinese New Year celebrations and we danced with some streamers to a Chinese dragon dance.  Before half term we also made some small vegan heart shaped biscuits to share with our families.

During the last week of February, we had fun learning all about opposites. We created a train out of chairs and drove all around. The children made some day and night pictures, we chatted about things that make us happy and things that make us sad and we learnt an opposites song. The children practiced their cutting skills and cut some short pieces of paper and some long pieces.  

Outside we had a floating and sinking activity and we tried to work out if different objects would float or sink.


Finally, we have started to see signs of Spring in our nursery garden as snowdrops and daffodils are coming out.

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