Summer 23 – Newsletter 39 – Healthy Eating

Monday, July 24th, 2023

Summer 23 – Newsletter 39- Healthy EatingHealthy - Eating - 11 pre-shool children sitting on 2 round green tables eating outside at Privett Montessori Nursery School

Healthy Eating- We returned to the nursery after a delightful two-week Easter break, during which the children excitedly shared their stories of Easter egg hunts and indulging in chocolate eggs.

To align with EYFS requirements, we embarked on our topic of Healthy Eating. We engaged the children in discussions about the significance of consuming a diverse range of healthy fruits and vegetables and in the craft area, created a colourful healthy eating plate.

The book area came alive with tales about fruit and vegetables, and we all enjoyed a hilarious story called “Oliver’s Vegetables”. Curious about the book? Please press the button to “read it aloud”. Oliver’s Vegetables

During snack and lunch times, we reinforced the importance of healthy eating by encouraging the children to choose nutritious snacks, like fruit and vegetables, and bring a wholesome lunch box. We also emphasized the value of staying hydrated and had a friendly chat about dental health and visiting the dentist.

As the next phase of our journey, we delved into our Royal topic. In anticipation of the Coronation, we crafted beautiful crowns and celebrated with a delightful Coronation Tea, where strawberries and popcorn were relished. We explored photographs of the Royal Family and the Coronation, sparking engaging discussions about King Charles and Camilla.


Our half term concluded with a fascinating exploration type of mini beast. Armed with magnifying glasses, we embarked on a bug hunt in the garden and, in the craft area, created cut ladybugs. To add to the fun, we learned a catchy song about a spider.

Upon returning from break, we divided into our topic about “People-who-help-us”. Trough captivating  photographs, we explored the roles of Doctors, Nurses, Teachers, Firefighters, Police Officers and Paramedics.

A highlight was the unexpected visit from the First Ambulance Aid Responders, who generously spoke to the children about their heroic jobs and even gave each child a plaster and dressing. The children were ecstatic and asked questions as well!

Outdoors, we transformed a large box into a fantastic fire engine with a ladder and hose, fostering imaginative play and creativity. Additionally, we dedicated time to celebrate Father’s Day, where the children made special cards and learned a heartwarming song about Daddy.


Next up was our enthralling topic on Dinosaurs. /we immersed ourselves in pictures of these ancient creatures, learning their names and understanding their diets some being meat eaters, while others preferred vegetation. With a dance called “The Dinosaur Stop” and a sensory tray filled with toy dinosaurs, the children’s excitement soared.

In preparation for a sport day, we enjoyed an array of activities, from running the-egg-and spoon race and even wheelbarrow racing, all under the glorious sunshine! However, on sports day, the rain tried to dampen our spirits, but we swiftly adapted by moving the races indoors.

Each child proudly received a well-deserved medal, and we celebrated with indoor picnic, cherishing the moments with friends and family.

Over the last two weeks we ventured into the vastness of space, exploring planets and the wonders of the cosmos. Through captivating information books, we deepened our knowledge of space.  Furthermore, the children had a blast creating moon and planet pictures. We even pretended to walk on the moon, adding a fun of role-playing to our learning.

We also took a walk through the meadow next door and used our wonderful swing, which created big healthy smiles!


Lastly, as our leavers bird farewell, they brought in their school bags and uniforms to show us what they will wear to school. It’s been an action-packed summer term, filled with joy and earning.

We wish you all a wonderful summer and eagerly look forwards to hearing about the children’s adventure during their summer holidays when they return.

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