29. July newsletter – sport is fun

Thursday, July 22nd, 2021


We have been very busy learning about a variety of different sports. The children shared with us the sporting activities their families took part in. What a sporty bunch you are! Apparently, some are Footballers, Cricketers, Horse Riders, Runners, Cyclists and some even practice Yoga and Pilates. We discussed why it is important to exercise and eat healthy foods. We also read books about this topic and talked about our upcoming sportsday and did lots of exercises outside.

Pre-school children having fun at Privett Montessori sports day Pre-school children having fun at Privett Montessori sports day






Sport: The egg and spoon race at Privett Montessori nursery School

The children all worked very hard practising for sports day, and we were eventually blessed with a lovely sunny day. They participated and performed at their very  best, enjoying each moment. After all their hard work, the children sat down with their parents and enjoyed a scrumptious picnic.

For those children moving on to a new school, we had lots of conversations about the schools they are moving on to and the things to look forward to. We also had a few visits from reception teachers and the children enjoyed the ‘transition sessions’ to their future schools.

Finally, we say farewell to those children moving on to primary school, as they start on their next learning adventure. We hope you will have relaxing, safe and fun packed summer holiday with all your friends and family. We would like to give our gratitude for all the lovely presents and cards we have been given for the end of the summer term.

We will open once again for a new school year on Monday 6th September.

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