27. May 2021 – good dental health

Sunday, June 6th, 2021

Dental Health

Dental: We have explored a variety of topics during May and one of them was learning about the importance of good dental hygiene. During circle time, we discussed the importance of brushing our teeth regularly and the children learnt a song called “Brush brush, brush your teeth.”

In line with our healthy eating topic from April, we continued to identify which foods are good for our teeth and leads to good dental health. We also learned about what foods are bad for our teeth and lead to sad dental health. The children also had the opportunity to participate in a matching game to reinforce this concept.

In the practical life area, the children practiced squeezing a little toothpaste on to a toothbrush and brushing the teeth in a plastic mouth. At circle time some of the children shared their experiences of visiting the dentist and of course getting a sticker afterwards for good dental health.


We, have also been practicing our grace and courtesy, the children have been practicing how to ask for something if someone else is using it. They have been encouraged to say something as:

  • Can I help you with that?
  • Can I work with you and of course?
  • Yes please/No thank you

For the last two weeks our topic was recycling. The children watched a short video called Reuse, reduce recycle and learnt a song about recycling.

In the book area, we read lots of information books about reducing waste and recycling and discussed what we should do with rubbish so it does not end up in the oceans harming the wildlife.

In the craft area, we used lots of recycled items to make some model robots and discussed how we can re-use cardboard and paper for drawing and other activities such as painting and model making. We also made some bags from old newspapers. We secured them with staples, which the children used unaided but under supervision. We also made our own Recycling Center. The children really enjoyed this and practiced sorting tins, paper and cardboard, plastic and glass into groups.


During our nature walks we discovered that the grass and flowers in the meadow had really grown a lot. It moreover is actually quite nice to lay in as one of the pictures reveals. We also picked a few flowers and took them home with us to show our parents how beautiful these flowers are. We also found that our beetroot seeds had grown into plants, so we now planned them outside.

Two children walking in the meadow at Fawley Farm Two 3-year old Picking meadow flowers at Fawley Farm a child laying down in the meadow enjoying herself at Fawley Farm 4 children with Privett Montessori manager and owner Veronica van Ingen, planting strawberries in a flower bed

At snack time, we discussed how we reuse the fruit and vegetable peelings by putting them in the compost bin and that over time they turn into compost and we can use it on the garden.

In our cooking activity, we made some simple flat breads that hopefully the children enjoyed eating at home. Notwithstanding, the carrot juice was a hit as children loved making and above all drinking it, resulting in many smiling faces and empty cups.

Want to know the carrot juice recipe? Click the Read more button Read more

Finally on Thursday afternoon we had a very special visitor. Nightingale, a 2-week-old baby goat came in for a run around in our garden with the children. Nightingale, is currently being hand reared. One of our parents is looking after little nightingale. Nightingale, enjoyed being stroked by the children and running around freely in the garden. She seemed to enjoy herself and was even seen nibbling at some of the plants in the garden.

We by the way hope all have a safe and relaxing half term.

Let’s hope in particular that we can swap our raincoats for sun hats and enjoy some sunshine at last!


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