21. October 2020 – Happy Autumn learning

Tuesday, October 27th, 2020

Happy Autumn learning

autumn learning: five 3 year olds with leaves and buckets

Autumn learning: During October, we have been learning about Autumn. The children enjoyed finding colourful leaves outside and lots and lots of acorns. They found so many that some may have found their way home, hiding inside coat pockets.

We learnt about the life cycle of the apple tree and cut up apples to discover and count the seeds. The children asked many questions and were amazed to learn that a tree could grow out of just a seed.


weighing apples as part of happy Autumn learning

The had fun in weighing apples on scales and helped with making apple crumble. We also enjoyed tasting apples from miss Veronica’s apple tree during snack time

In our tactile sensory learning, we discovered what happens when corn flour and water mix together. It resulted in lovely slime that we felt slipping though our fingers.

We, also decorated a pumpkin and drew faces. After slicing the top, the children brilliantly worked together to scoop out the pumpkin seeds & flesh

On the last day of half term the children came in many different outfits. We had lots of spooky fun, made spiders, pumpkins, passed the parcel and danced to some Halloween songs. 

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