30. September 2021 Newsletter- happy new faces

Sunday, October 10th, 2021

New faces

We started September by welcoming some lovely new faces, both children and staff. We are lucky to be joined by Miss Paula for a few mornings each week as a member of staff. We started off setting everyone back in to the nursery routine and the children shared stories about their summer holidays. We played outside in the garden and had some great news as we finally were able to use our sandpit again as Covid 19 restriction were eased. Our – new face – stone dove also got lots of love and attention and crates were emptied to comfortably sit in by the younger ones as the new happy faces picture reveals!

Happy new face: a 2 year old making himself at home by relaxing in a crate

We made the most of the weather with some of the children painting inside and some took the opportunity to paint outside. Two three year old (new faces) children are painting together in the garden

After a few weeks, we began talking about ourselves and our families. The children told us their names of any brothers, sisters or pets. We even played a game where we were using either real and pretend once and the children had to guess which one they were acting out.

The children really enjoyed sharing their family photographs with us and made a collage called “I love my family”. We really want to thank you for providing us with all your lovely pictures. We also alongside learnt a song called “Some Families” hopefully you will have heard this being sung at home?

Finally, for our cooking activity we made some apple and blackberry crumbles, the children had so much fun picking but mostly eating the blackberries. Want to know the recipe or about our fun cooking curriculum? Press the Recipe or Cooking button



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