23. January 2021 – Arctic

Sunday, February 28th, 2021


Our ‘Arctic Topic’ certainly fitted in with the weather this month, as we have been learning about the Arctic and the amazing animals that live there. We, watched a short video about the Arctic Tundra and one called a ‘Walk in the Arctic’. We, conducted a small science experiment and discovered how water turns to ice and we rescued some toy animals that were stuck in the ice. Outside we also found some ice and made footprints on the frosty grass.

Arctic: Child playing with ice find outside

The children worked together to create an Artic area display made out of cardboard, white paint, cotton wool and other materials with artic animals, a cave and snow.

Most excitingly, we were granted permission from Fawley Farms to take the children for our “squirrel walks” around their fields. We have enjoyed lots of long muddy walks exploring the fields and the woods, where we built a den and jumped in muddy puddles. Hopefully, you saw some of the photos on Tapestry or Facebook.





Children at Privett Montessori playing in the same coincidentally in the same week when we were teaching about the Arctic as a topic

Finally, during the last week of January the weather aligned to “our topic” enabling lots of snow to play in. We headed off with a backpack containing hot chocolate and homemade bread, after all that walking and exploring in the snow, we needed a snack to warm us up.

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The next day with the snow still in the garden we made some snowmen and used Miss Veronica’s hat for our biggest snowman.

We continued with our cooking activities as well and we made bear faces out of yoghurt. The children furthermore cut their own bananas or cucumbers, spooned the yoghurt into a circular cutter and made a bear face with banana cucumbers and blueberries. The best part of it all was eating it during snack time, which we thoroughly enjoyed.

The children have certainly enjoyed learning about the Artic. They can name many animals that live in the Artic and they understand how these animals keep warm in snow and ice. As the lockdown continues, we hope you and your loved ones are keeping safe and well.


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  1. Johan says:

    My daughter Luna enjoys the nursery very much. Thank you for looking after her. She was so enthusiastic when she came home and spoke about the lovely walk in the snow and the nice hot chocolate she got.

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