28. June 2021 – Great jobs

Sunday, July 4th, 2021


We started off in June learning about people’s jobs. Who are helping us and so, we learnt about a variety of occupations or jobs. We, discussed how some people are police officers, doctors, nurses, teachers. The children got very involved and listed many different jobs. They even knew the job of friends and family. This resulted in fun and humorous responses.

In the craft area, we made police and fire fighter helmets and painted a large box which we turned into a fire engine, complete with ladder and hose!

       4 children in a made shift fire truck trying to be a fireman or firewoman as a their jobs

We, watched a short educational video called, I can help you. This taught us, who can help in emergency situations. We also used our library and read a variety of books relating to our topic, which really helped us to better understand.

The dressing up area also gave support; the children dressed up as surgeons, nurses, firefighters and police officers. As we continued learning about people who help us, the children were encouraged to help each other, some of the older children helped their younger friends to put on their shoes or zip up their coats.

     Jobs: A child dressed up as a nurse     

Outside, we had lots of fun in the sun with a paddling pool; lots of splashing fun and smiles all around. We also enjoyed our nature walks and picked wildflowers as well as strawberries from our garden

With the Montessori equipment, for those children able to count confidently to 10, we introduced numbers 11-15 using the Seguin Board whilst some children continued using the number rods.

For our fun science topic, we sprouted Alfalfa seeds and hopefully you enjoyed trying them with your child at home. We also decorated a worry jar which they can shake and watch as the glitter settles.


During the last two weeks we learnt about dinosaurs, we learnt many dinosaur names, we learnt how some dinosaurs were carnivores and some were herbivores. The children designed their own dinosaurs from clay. In the play tray we had a variety of dinosaurs for imaginative small world play.

We, read lots of books about dinosaurs and learnt a song about dinosaurs called The Dinosaur Stomp.

For those children moving on to school, they practiced getting changed for PE, finding their own PE bag and putting on their shorts and t-shirts, then the tricky part …….remembering where they left their clothes and putting them back on. We, furthermore have been practicing taking jumpers on and off a very useful skill before starting school.

We lastly, finished the month with a very successful Free Play & Stay session for some of the new children joining us in September, resulting in positive feedback and we will therefore definitely do it again.

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  1. Katy Lace says:

    Some lovely activities as always! Looks like the children had great fun!

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