6. Parent View

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015

Parent View

The end of another school year is approaching and we would love to hear what you think of us as a parent!  Your views could help other parents decide whether they should send their children to us.

26 responses to “6. Parent View”

  1. Olimpia Alina says:

    Thank you for the most wonderful start to our daughter’s first year at a nursery.
    She’s grown so much during her time with you & we are so grateful for all that you have done .
    Wonderful environment & garden ; best teachers ever , caring & professional , heaven indeed for our little ones !
    We,as first time parents tried all the nurseries around,to find the best place possdible for our daughter & we are so lucky to have found you .We can’t recommend this nursery highly enough.

  2. Su Oinn says:

    Privett Montessori Nursery is exceptional. My son Haddy has thrived here. Within the calm, secure, caring and nurturing environment Kate, Maggie, Matilda and Maike encourage the children to develop their skills and abilities with fun and engaging activities, stories and games. The setting is beautiful, and the children are lucky to have access to a fantastic large garden where they can run, play, plant, climb, role play, dig or ride. Haddy absolutely loved participating in playball and yoga every week too. I feel he is fully equipped for starting school having already learned some phonics and begun to read and write. I couldn’t have asked for more from Privett Montessori Nursery.

  3. Jacqui Hinds says:

    Kate, Maggie, Christina and Rachel look after all the children at Privett as if they were their own. They do truly work on the basis of ‘in loco parentis’ – with the absolute best interests of each and every child at the heart of everything they do, just as a parent would do for his or her own child. That is why the children are so happy and secure; so too the parents. I have absolutely no doubt that a better nursery school could not be found. I trust Kate’s leadership – as an educationalist, as a carer and, indeed, as a friend to my children as well as to me – absolutely and would recommend her, her team and her school without reservation.

  4. Trina Wilson says:

    Kate, thank you for a wonderful afternoon spent watching my daughter showing me what she’s been doing at nursery. It’s a great insight into what she enjoys playing with at nursery. I really loved when she built the blue cylinders and worked on the constructive triangles. I just wish I had more time to stay!

    Thank you:-)

  5. Heather Wilson says:

    Kate and her team provide what I personally consider to be an absolutely amazing pre school experience for our children. They could not care for, educate or provide better for them. All children are SO happy, contented and confident and that is down to all the exceptional hard work the nursery put in the school day.
    I would not hesitate to recommend the school to anybody reading this. Come and see why we all think it is the best. I don’t believe it could be any better!

  6. Trina Wilson says:

    What a wonderful nursery Privett Montessori is! Both my children have attended nursery there and sadly my youngest is due to leave this year as she is going onto primary school. If only they had a Primary school at Privett Montessori.

    Kate and Maggie and the rest of the staff have been constantly amazing with the children. They are always so kind, caring and helpful. My children always have a smile on their face when they know they are going to nursery and most importantly when I collect them.

    You can’t put a price on a child’s happiness and safety and that’s why we chose to send our children to Privett. We live in Four Marks but didn’t mind driving the extra distance every day as we felt Privett is the best nursery in the area. Thank you Kate and Maggie for making my children’s early years so happy and full of fun memories.

  7. Privett Montessori, half an hours drive from our house then, made us all so very happy, because of the love and dedication of Kate and Maggie, and their team. I have met mothers who sent their children to Maggie 20 years ago, and she is a rock of support and cuddles to the children now as she was then. Without any family living close by, Privette became my children’s other home, a safe, calm magical environment that allowed them to flourish and develop into confident outspoken girls, whose opinions are valued and encouraged. The other key ingredient that makes Privett special to us was that it laid down the foundations of the girls love of learning and confidence in entering reception years. Kate, thank you for giving my girls the best start to life.

  8. Lydia Westwood says:

    My son Rupert (3) is extremely happy at Privett Montessori. Although he finds it hard to be apart from me, he is always beaming at the end of a session. He adores all of the staff, Maggie, Kate, Christina and Rachel – all of whom know him inside out and know exactly how to make him feel at ease if he has a wobble. He took time to settle and Kate and the team knew exactly the right pace and let him take his time to get involved. He loves every minute of the day there and has a lovely group of friends. His language, confidence and self-expression have blossomed in his time at Privett and all of the activities and trips that they plan make it exciting and stimulating for the children. I looked at every nursery within a 10 mile radius before I chose this one and I wouldn’t change it for the world – even now that my eldest son attends a school in the opposite direction – I can’t imagine a better setting for Rupert. They are professional, passionate, kind, thorough, excellent at communicating with parents but most importantly, completely invested in the children. I can’t praise them all highly enough.

  9. Pamela Moss says:

    My daughter has been attending Privett Montessori for over a year now. We initially started her at a different nursery in Alton but she never settled there and had quite a bad experience. I was very apprehensive about trying a new nursery, but after spending the morning with Kate and the team I just knew it was perfect for her. I have never looked back and feel genuinely so lucky to have found Privett. It really is a wonderfully calm, nurturing and supportive environment.
    Kate and the team are simply fantastic. They are exceptional teachers and have been instrumental in giving my daughter the love of learning she has today. I only wish Kate would open a primary school too!

  10. Amanda Harmel-Law says:

    I always feel completely at ease leaving my two children at Privett Montessori and I feel so lucky that they attend the nursery. I remember visiting for the first time and feeling reassured by the calm, organised environment. I noticed that the children were being treated with a huge amount of respect and kindness. Kate, Maggie, Christina and Rachel are an incredibly talented team with a huge amount of experience. They foster a very special environment in which the children develop a love of learning whilst having a lot of fun. The Montessori approach to learning has helped my son and daughter develop an inquisitive approach to life and the concentration to complete tasks that support their development. They are treated as individuals but supported to develop the social skills to get along with others. I feel so grateful that my children have made such wonderful friends at a very young age.

  11. Niamh Stynes says:

    When we moved to the area last year finding a nursery for our son Alby was a daunting task especially given he had never attended nursery before and is a rather energetic boy to put it lightly.
    As soon as we walked into Privett we knew it was perfect. Kate, Maggie, Rachel and Christina have been nothing but outstanding from day one. They have been supportive, compassionate and helpful from the outset.
    Their fantastic teaching is evident when you see all the happy children at home time, bursting to tell their parents what they have learned and done that day.
    Alby has improved immensely since joining; his speech, social skills and general behaviour are incomparable to when he began. With Alby, and I am sure all the other children, they picked up on what works for him immediatley; how to teach him in a way he understands and ensures he learns to the best of his ability. Our daughter will be joining him at Privett next year and we could not be happier to send her there.

  12. Kerry Dames says:

    My eldest daughter who is now in Year 1 loved Privett Montessori. Now my youngest daughter attends; she also loves it.

    I was apprehensive about leaving my children anywhere, but the care and attention given to each child is amazing. This is why despite living in Four Marks I travel the extra distance.

    The children are supported and monitored yet taught independence – this prepares them fantastically for school life.

    I have never seen a child leave having not enjoyed their day, and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending the Nursery to anyone.

  13. Nicola Smith says:

    Our son Matthew attends the nursery and completely feels at home there. He really enjoys his time at nursery, this is highly evident by the big smile he has as he runs into the nursery every morning. The whole team (Kate, Maggie, Rachel and Christina) are exceptional with the children. They are all so caring, patient and nurturing. Matthew’s confidence and social skills have really developed since attending the nursery. Also, there is a great emphasis on learning, even I’ve learned about the different types of dinosaurs! The education is really well rounded, with equipment and activities to help develop fine and gross motor skills. The children have the opportunity to do playball, yoga, music, french and learn computer skills. There is no doubt as to where our baby daughter will be going.

  14. Tanya Darlow says:

    Privett Montessori is a haven for children and parents and I feel very lucky to live so close but I would travel miles to send my children here! My first daughter attended for 2 years and was always, always happy to say goodbye to me – never any tears or worries – and I think that says a lot about this nurturing, loving, caring & fun nursery. Kate, Maggie, Christina and Rachel gave her unique opportunities to learn and progress and most importantly supported and celebrated her individuality. My second daughter has just started at Privett, and has settled in to the environment immediately – with a marked difference in her behaviour and development at home – she is very, very happy there and I know it will lay the important foundations over the next year before she takes the giant leap in to full time education. I cannot thank the staff enough.

  15. Lucia Smith says:

    My children have attended several good nurseries but Privett is in another league. It has the most glorious setting and the children are outside enjoying it in all weathers but what really sets it apart are the remarkable people who run it and who do their utmost to make sure every child feels important and special. Their attention to detail never fails to impress me and I love to eavesdrop on their wonderful conversations during circle time. It is such a happy, stimulating and caring place for my son and I know we will always look back on this time with lovely memories.

  16. Emma Temple says:

    When I first went to Privett I asked one mother why she travelled quite so far to get there. She replied: “Because it’s the best.” And having now had 5 years’ first hand experience of the nursery, I couldn’t agree more. Privett provided an incredible start to my children’s education. The teaching is excellent, the interaction between the staff and children is exceptional and the setting is faultless. The incredibly experienced team manage to instil a quiet confidence in each child and help them realise their potential, providing an extremely secure base for starting school. My children and I could not have been happier there.

  17. Annaliese Marshall says:

    There is something truly magical about the way Privett Montessori feels. Kate, Maggie and the team are exceptional in their care and understanding of each and every child and have provided the best start for my daughter and are now doing so for my son. Indeed I have chosen for him to stay on at Privett during the majority of his reception year as I know he will gain more in all areas from doing so, thus giving him the best start for school when he turns 5 next Summer. I cannot recommend it more highly as a truly holistic and wholesome environment .

  18. Laura Piper says:

    My daughter has attended Privett Montessori for the past year, during which time we have seen her blossom from a shy, retiring, afraid-of-everything little girl to a confident and energetic young lady. I feel sure that Privett and the wonderful staff have had a huge amount to do with this. It is a very special place. The environment is calm and orderly, whilst still being engaging and interesting to stimulate and inspire young minds. My daughter loves the consistent routine and instantly felt settled, safe and happy – she comes into nursery with a big beaming smile on her face and is still smiling when I pick her up. It is in a lovely peaceful spot, with great outdoor space, which is well used. However, the biggest asset is the brilliant staff team. They are so caring and dedicated to their jobs and take a real interest in the children, whilst instilling the same high expectations and values that I have of my children at home. We are looking forward to another great year!

  19. Felicity Morrogh says:

    My daughter attended Privett Montessori last year and excelled in every way there. They provided strong building blocks for her learning journey enabling her to excel academically, socially and creatively in her reception year at pre-prep. To me this nursery stands out far from the crowd in so many ways, and staff are exceptional at their jobs, loyal, understanding, devoted and love the children in their care. The children are delightful, calm, well mannered and caring of each other. The environment is safe, green and wonderful. Having had children at other nurseries, I can truly say this one is outstanding, my only regret was not finding it sooner.

  20. Rachel Mordecai says:

    Privett Montessori is a unique nursery school. The quality of care and education the children get is outstanding.
    Kate, Maggie, Christina and Rachel give each child special attention and open the door to new discoveries everyday.
    Privett is filled with confident and curious children who get their questions listened to and answered. What more could any parent wish for?

  21. Helen Watson says:

    Privett Montessori is a very special place. It is a calm, friendly and nurturing place where the child’s development and welfare lie at the heart of everything they do. Our son joined the nursery when he was 2 and will leave this summer to start school and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone. It is the best introduction to education our son could have had and he has flourished both developmentally and socially. The staff are wonderful and we will miss them all enormously.

  22. Candida Kessell says:

    Our first son is at Privett Montessori and adores it – we couldn’t be happier with our choice of nursery. It’s a wonderful school in so many ways but what makes it exceptional is the teachers. They are so committed to the care and education of the children. The individual attention and, therefore, understanding of each child is second to none.
    It was actually the children themselves that first ‘sold’ Privett to me – delightful, confident, caring children who showed a real thirst to learn and were proud of their achievements (and rightly so!). These attributes don’t come from nowhere; all credit to the team at Privett.
    The school has proved to be everything we had hoped for plus more. Our second son will definitely go there. I couldn’t recommend a nursery more highly. It’s fabulous. Go and see for yourself.

  23. Raine ryland says:

    Our youngest daughter had such a happy, relaxed, and safe time with you over her two preschool years. We were delighted to watch her grow and thrive into the confident and happy little person she Is, and you gave her a real love for learning and challenging herself positively whilst at the same time ensuring that she learnt that learning comes from trying again and again. At her school they speak about resilient learners and growth mindset: inherent in all she did with you. She made such lovely friends and learnt to trust adults with her needs who were not her parents. Thank you Kate, Maggie and the team! She is doing really well at school in all areas including emotionally and socially, and we are certain Its because of what you gave her, and most especially in the respect and dignity you treated her with. Such a lovely place to be as well, so quiet and filled with bird song and trees rustling!

  24. Charlotte Slater says:

    My daughter has been attending this nursery since she was just 2 and is about to go to school in September. I have seen her mature into a very kind, thoughtful little girl who loves learning. The staff at Montessori have been instrumental in this development and I can not thank them enough. All the staff have been there since we started and genuinely care for each child, gently helping them to achieve their full potential. The setting is just lovely. If you are looking for a Montessori with great outdoor space as well as a kind, knowledgable team, I can’t recommend Privett enough.

  25. Susannah Kelson-Ford says:

    Our son Albie has had the most wonderful start to his education at Privett Nursery. The staff are amazing – so kind, patient, gifted and also mature, which was an important consideration for us when so many nurseries seem to be staffed by such young and inexperienced teams. The level of care, thought and creativity has been incredible. We are so sad that he has to leave to start school this September! My husband and I would whole-heartedly recommend Privett Nursery to any parent who’s looking to give their child an equally wonderful experience.

  26. Sarah Mahoney says:

    Two of my three children attend Privett Montessori and both of them adore it here. The setting is beautiful, the Montessori way is extremely credible, but more than anything, the staff are exceptional. The way they understand each child is just so impressive and reassuring. I have seen both my children flourish and grow here and I have absolutely no doubts that I’ll be sending my third child (still a baby at the moment) here too.
    Truely is the best nursery in the world!

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